Podcast Episode # 59 : John Q Adams of Quilt Dad

John Q Adams on the Crafty Planner podcast

One of the very first modern quilting magazines I subscribed to was Fat Quarterly. I still have my issues! I love how they incorporated fun projects along with fostering community. Fat Quarterly was my first introduction to John Q Adams (also known as Quilt Dad). Since then, I have followed his personal and professional journey and wanted to hear more about him on the podcast. Here are a few of my favorite quilts from his book, Beyond Neutral.

[one_half]Beyond Neutral by JQ Adams[/one_half][one_half_last]Canyonlands Quilt[/one_half_last]

During our conversation, we talk about how he balances a full time career and his quilting, his collaborative work on projects like Fat Quarterly and the No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee, and how the community reacted when he went through a major life change. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Notes from the Show:


Beyond Neutral by JQ Adams

Deb Robertson (who has made every quilt in his book!)


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  1. This was nice episode! I’d never heard of John or his blog before. It was a treat to learn about another blog to check out and be inspired by.

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  2. Such a great conversation; I wasn’t aware of him or his blog either! I can totally relate to his desire to use something other than white as the background fabric. I’m going to have to get his book!

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      Sharon, I think I go in phases. For awhile, I only wanted grey. Then it was low low volume and now I’m enjoying white again. (Not that it is at all practical with a toddler in the house!) But it is always good to have options. Thank you for listening!

  3. I read John’s blog from the beginning and then somehow when we all migrated to IG I lost SO MANY QUILTERS, and his quilting endeavors were one. Great interview and how did I not see this book, amazing. I am hooked on reading the #makingallthequilts on the books publisher’s site. Well done!

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      The same thing happened to me. Not everyone went to Instagram and I’m still trying to find everyone. I’m glad I could help reconnect you!

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