Podcast Episode #60: Vickie Howell

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When I was learning to knit, Vickie Howell inspired me through her television show, Knitty Gritty. Being close to me in age and with an infectious personality, I always wanted to sit on the couch and learn a new knitting technique. As I continued to go down the knitting black hole knit more, I kept thinking about how knitting was not just something a grandmother might do, but something Vickie did. Unknowingly, Vickie inspired me to experiment with new crafts (like sewing and quilting) and find my own voice.

As the podcast has developed into conversations about art, craft, diversity and finding your passion, I felt Vickie and her thoughtfulness would be a good match to continue the discussion. During our episode, we talk about her definition of success, internet jealousy, her thoughts of art versus craft and how she wants to give people permission to see positivity.  I hope you enjoy the episode.


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Notes from the Show:

Knitty Gritty tv show

Emily McDowell

Craftcation Conference

South by Southwest Mentor Program


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