April Crafty Planner Challenge Quilt

April Challenge Quilt by Crafty Planner

Starting in January, I challenged myself to make at least one mini quilt / quilt sketch a month inspired by my podcast with Gwen Marston. So far, I have made a monochromatic red piece, a green monochromatic quilt and a chocolate brown quilt to match our living room furniture.

For this month’s challenge, I was inspired by Season Evans’ minimal improv challenge from Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. (You can listen to our podcast here.) When I saw these warm green and tomatoey red solids from Northcott Fabrics, I knew I wanted to play with the combination. Using Season’s design principle combined with Sherri Lynn Wood’s improv style of not using a ruler for measuring or cutting, this mini quilt was created to live about my dresser. (You can also listen to my podcast with Sherri here.)

April Challenge Quilt by Crafty Planner

Here is the entirety of the corner where the quilt will live.

April Challenge Quilt by Crafty Planner

After I took these pictures, I realized how much I love blue and red! Blue and red make purple so maybe that is the attraction. I also love that so many of my pieces come from friends and are handmade. This corner of my bedroom really makes me smile!

Since I have been working on another hand sewing project, I took a break from hand quilting this mini quilt. I continued refining my machine quilting skills and also used a single fold binding. (I cut mine as 1 1/4″ but might go to 1 1/2″.)

For the back, I choose this geometric print from Cotton and Steel Fabrics.

April Challenge by Crafty Planner

The commonalities of the geometric features made it a match in heaven. I love working with these solid fabrics and am already searching the sketchbook for my May challenge!

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      I can see that about rulers! The hard part for me is figuring out how to piece them without puckers and that makes it lay flat. Sherri has good suggestions in her book. It just takes practice (as with almost anything!) That tiny green strip is really fun!

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