Review of Craftcation 2016

Craftcation Sign

For the last two years, I have attended Craftcation. I wrote about my experiences here. This year, I debated whether I would attend. Things were busy for me, both personally and professionally. Also, I had signed up for all craft classes, none related to sewing or quilting. At the time, I thought I would take a vacation away from my usual daily activities of sewing and quilting. Unfortunately, that also made me feel like I might not get as much out of the conference. About two weeks before the conference, I was talking with Meighan O’Toole and realized I really needed to go. I needed to adjust my expectations and be ready for whatever I might learn.

Embrodiery Sampler

The power of an email auto responder!
Having been to conferences in the past, I knew keeping up with my emails would mean I would always be on my phone and missing things happening around me. Upon arrival on Wednesday night, I finished up pertinent emails, started on a project due early the next week and set up my email auto responder. Knowing people were not expecting an email response until after I returned from Craftcation was a huge relief for me.

Me with Anna Joyce

Revised my expectations!
In the past, I wanted to meet EVERYONE and do ALL.THE.THINGS! This year, I decided to have more meaningful interactions with people, even if it meant I met fewer people and did not go to every event. I wanted to relax and enjoy my experience in a calming way. I work better that way. Not everyone is the same as me.

Terrariums with Amber and Christine

What did I learn?
I took a lot of classes. Here are a few of the pictures from the weekend:
Leather Crafting Class Tools

I also had the pleasure of attending an idea incubator courtesy of Lea Redmond. She wrote an amazing book called Knit the Sky. I will write a full review on the class and book a bit later. The experience is worthy of its own post.

Umm… Emily McDowell was the key note speaker and blew my mind! Her thoughts about crafting the life you want to live continue to influence my decisions today.

Here is a great blog post with more fantastic pictures.

There is something about Craftcation. Even after talking with Delilah and Nicole of dear handmade life (the organizers of the conference), I can’t figure out how exactly it happens. But at Craftcation, almost everyone is sharing, fun, interesting and supportive of each other. Normally, we are mostly solo people who work from home. When we arrive in Ventura, we become instant friends. It is a soul affirming experience.


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