May Challenge Quilt

May Crafty Planner Challenge Mini Quilt

Since January, I have made at least one mini quilt / quilt sketch a month inspired by my podcast with Gwen Marston and using Northcott Fabrics Colorworks Solids. (Past projects include a monochromatic red piece, a green monochromatic quilta chocolate brown quilt and a white and green improv piece to live in our bedroom.)

For this month, I wanted to play with a log cabin quilt. I started with a quilt block and decided to cut it into quarters.

May Crafty Planner Challenge Mini Quilt

The quarters are purposefully not even as I wanted them to be even more dramatic when they were pieced together.

After piecing them together, I decided to “lightly” quilt the piece so the piecing would be more dramatic.

May Crafty Planner Challenge Quilt

May Crafty Planner Challenge Mini Quilt
We decided to set up a mini work space by my sewing area for Miss No No. She asked if she could have the quilt and how could I say no!?! (I see this happening quite a bit in the future!) So the quilt will live over her area. Until next month..

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