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I love purple!

People can probably guess it is my favorite color based on my website, graphics and often with the clothes I am wearing. My love for purple started in high school and has not diminished over time. When choosing my wedding ring, my husband picked a purple stone instead of a diamond. (He knows me well!) The color purple soothes and energizes me.

And yet, I have learned that other people are not attracted to purple in the same way. (What!?!) Well, color is subjective and some people do not see how purple can be used. In fact, I once asked my Guild to tell me the color they had least in their fabric stashes and more than half of them answered purple!

When Michelle asked me to be a part of her Colour Blog Series, I agreed with only one condition: I could talk about purple! Luckily, she agreed.

So purple.

Let’s start with how it has been used in quilts:

For Spacious Skies by Heather Jones

This is For Spacious Skies by Heather Jones. Here she used purple as a symbol of purple mountain majesties. Purple and yellow are a great combination and are complementary colors.

churn dash by Quilty Habit

Church Dash by Quilty Habit shows how purple can be used as a “pop of color”.

In the picture, the green background really makes the white and purple stand out.

Double Pinwheel Quilt by Cath Hall

This Double Pinwheel Quilt by Wombat Quilts combines purple with aqua to create a cool and soothing quilt.

Since I believe purple can be combined with any color to create a pleasing color palate, I decided to have some fun with the purple fabrics/objects in my sewing space.

Let’s start with Red:

Fabric by Kaffe Fassett

One of the undisputed color masters is Kaffe Fassett. In one of my absolute favorite fabric pieces of all time, he combines the calm beauty of lavender with the bold vibrant bright red.

Purple + Orange:

AMH and Lizzy

The fabric on the left side is from Anna Maria Horner and is an excellent example of using two different purples and combining them with pops of green and orange. This print is on my ironing board cover, part of the back of the quilt on my bed, in my favorite purse…

The fabric on the right side is from Lizzy House. Orange is the dominant color but the purple flower centers are enough to tie in the piece on the left.

Purple + Yellow

Unknown fabric

This is where I admit I don’t know whose fabric this is. 🙁 But it is a excellent example of how a buttery yellow can work with cream, green and purple. (And if you know the designer, please let me know!)  My sweet reader, Julie, said it is “Garden of Delight” by Jules Davis for Blend fabrics. Thanks, Julie!

Purple + Blue

Hexies in Cool

I have blue and purple fabrics in my stash but I felt this pincushion made by Modern Handcraft is an excellent example of using a color scheme (like cool) to create a visually appealing piece.

Purple + Black



Black and Purple

Purple and black have been used as Halloween colors and this print by Cotton and Steel is an example of the black being dominant color with the purple providing a great accent.

Purple + Multicolor

Multicolored Purple

Pulling in all of the colors makes this print by Cotton + Steel  a perfect blender or start to a quilt.

You can use these fabrics as color palettes for your next quilt design or as a way to explore color overall.

I hope this was helpful and can’t wait to see what you make!

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  1. Our 24′ living room ceiling is deep purple which brings warmth to the room. Yes there is purple in the sofa!?

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  2. Purple and pink used to be hard for me to use, but I focused on incorporating them into my stash and now that I have fabric on hand in those colors that I love, it is so much easier to use them. So that was a huge help for me!

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      Some people are drawn to purple. I can find purple almost anywhere. I think if you try out a hard to use color by putting it in your stash, then you are already more able to use it then if you don’t buy it. Does that make sense?

  3. I like purple, it’s one of my favorite colors, but I do find there are shades I like and ones that just push the wrong buttons for me. Some shades bring depth and class, and others feel more gaudy or tacky to me (usually ones too close to hot pink).

    It’s always been a shame to me that a lot of fabric lines do eschew purple, especially the deeper tones. There’s a lot of lavender, but getting a good deep royal purple in a collection is still more of a rarity. I was excited when C+S added that deep purple dotty blender in. And I still miss that Drop Cloth print from Jay McCarroll’s Habitat, which I only squirreled a single yard of away.

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  4. Hi, I can answer your question re your purple dragonfly….the range is called “Garden of Delight” by Jules Davis for Blend fabrics. I have the fabric in greens and I love it…bought lots at the time a few years ago and still using it. I am enjoying your blog, thanks for the inspiration….

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  5. it’s my favorite too. lol just bought a pair of ‘sensible’ sandles (keen), but they are Purple Ya!! Purple is like black, it goes with everything, or at least i think so lol

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