Mighty Lucky July Podcast: Cheryl Arkison

Cheryl Arkison on the Crafty Planner podcast

One of the best parts of being the podcast “host” of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is getting to interview some of my favorite makers. In my opinion, Cheryl Arkison has a keen eye for color, could probably tell me the best way to use up my scraps and is one of the “queens of improv”. In addition to her quilting talent, I admire her clear and thoughtful writing style. Whether writing about a quilt, a sewing technique or her feelings on a controversial topic, I look forward to hearing her voice.

During our conversation, we covered a broad range of topics:

  • Sewing from a young age
  • Where she sews and writes
  • How she deals with the overwhelming feelings sometimes found in social media
  • Her sketchbook process
  • Being a judge at Quilt Con
  • Why she choose to work on large prints for her challenge
  • And so much more…

I thought a one hour conversation with Cheryl would satisfy my curiosity about her. Instead, it makes me want to fly up to Canada and spend the weekend sewing/talking with her! I know you will enjoy the episode.

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Notes from the Show:

Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean and Cheryl 

A Month of Sundays by Cheryl

You Inspire Me to Quilt by Cheryl

Amy Butler

Cheryl’s post about being a Quilt Con judge

Creative Thursday

Denyse Schmidt (my podcast with Denyse)

Sherri Lynn Wood

Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts

Mary Ellen Hopkins


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  1. This was a fabulous podcast and a perfect way to start the day. I adore Cheryl’s sense of play and it shines through in her conversation. Her reference “Craft Before Consume” is a great tidbit, easy to remember and apply daily. I love her decision to minimize social media input. Social media should inspire you and if it doesn’t, walk away from it. Thank you Sandi and Cheryl for a wonderful chat. Happy 4th of July!

  2. Such a fabulous episode! I really liked her advice to stop following social media accounts that make you feel down on yourself. Some of these people portray such a luxurious, highly edited fantasy life and it makes me feel like I’ll never measure up-guess what, I don’t have to!

  3. I loved Cheryl’s summer plan to encourage her kids to create…perhaps I can do this for myself – something creative before the mindless tasks of the day get in my way. Great podcast!

  4. Loved this episode! I’m not a quilter (though I have made 2 quilts) but I found all of the conversation to be really interesting (as I always do). On my last quilt (Fly Away quilt) I learned about nesting seams which was the first I had heard about it and it was life changing. I realize with each quilt there are tools I didn’t understand and skills that are so game changing to my regular sewing. This episode really helped me come to terms with my first quilt (Relatively Dimensional which is crazy for a first time quilt) which was a gift. The quilt turned out good enough to give away but not good enough to keep, if that makes sense.

    I loved all the talk about improvisation. I primarily sew garments and feel like I don’t have as much ability to use improvisation in that area which made quilting that much more interesting. Also, I wanted to share that I read this book all about improvisation in college (I was a dance major) and it might be of interest in what I’m sure is all of your spare time: Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art. I found it really helpful for collecting my thoughts when I was in school and dancing, though it’s been a few years since then.

    Love listening to your podcast and always happy to learn something new about sewing when I do.

  5. I love the idea of not worrying about the end result. It was almost like I was given permission. I like to just try new blocks and techniques out. I rarely complete a full size quilt and create mostly minis just for the joy of learning and trying something new out.

  6. As always, such an enjoyable conversation! I could really related to having the dining room table as the family hub. We were taking about getting my daughter a desk for her room but now I’m reconsidering–perhaps she should continue to be in the family room so we can all be together even if we are doing different things. I also liked that the markers were for everyone so I’m also thinking of how to incorporate that into our current routine so I can participate, not just have it to entertain the kids while I do something else (like laundry, cook, etc.).

    Quilt-wise, I still have trouble with creating something without some future use only because it feels like a waste of fabric (not a waste of time). For example, I tend to steer away from applique and fussy cutting because I feel that it leaves so much fabric unused. It is one of the reasons I like Cheryl’s slab technique since it can really utilize all kids of fabrics.

    Totally random, but I love that Cheryl uses her old Pfaff sometimes because that is the brand I have and it seems like so few people talk about them.

    Thank you!

  7. I really like the idea of a journal being a reflection of a specific time in my life, whether it’s quilt design ideas, color scheme ideas, stuff my kids have drawn or even a recipe we’re loving right now, rather than a strict and stuffy “SEWING ONLY” journal. Cheryl inspired me to loosen the reins a bit!

  8. I subscribe to your podcast and love it! You have such great guests and get a really good conversation going. This one is queued up and ready for me to listen to later today. Thanks!

  9. I have followed Cheryl a long time on her blog and enjoyed this greatly. My biggest lesson from this is to journal those ideas before I forget them. I bought a “diary” and started keeping up with ideas but it isn’t really small enough to fit in my purse. I need to rethink that. Sandi – love your podcasts, they make a long daily commute so enjoyable.

  10. I loved her idea of setting something out for her kids in the morning to create with. What an awesome idea!

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