Tea Party Dress for Miss No No

Back of dress hanging

Miss No No has taken an interest in dolls. It started with Elsa from the Frozen movie and advantaged to Cabbage Patch Dolls. As we were thinking about Christmas gifts for this year, Mr Bear and I decided to buy Miss No No a nice doll. Mr Bear would also build a dollhouse and I would make doll clothes. (Seriously, what was I thinking!?! Oh yeah, we work to make our children happy!)

The doll has been purchased, Mr Bear is researching dollhouse designs and I have started looking at doll clothes. While I was at Spring Quilt Market, I saw Amy Barickman‘s new fabric line called Stitcher’s Garden. It reminded me of clothes my mother made me growing up and seemed like a fantastic fit for Miss No No’s doll clothes. Fabric = Check!

Next, I wanted a pattern I could potentially make for both a doll and Miss No No. I immediately thought of Oliver + S patterns. The library had a copy of Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson so I decided to check it out and see if there was anything I might want to make. Umm… it is now on my list of books to buy! So many cute patterns.

As soon as I saw Tea Party Dress, the decision was made.

Dress with Basil Dress with Basil and Ball

I can’t wait to make more!


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  1. We did that for my DD who is now in her late 20s. I had a friend make a 4 foot tall x 4 foot wide shelving unit that was decorated with BARBIE furniture. She played with it forever. We she got to old for it we converted to laundry storage… We just added doors

    Take a tip from me use clear plastic sticky contact shelving paper to protect your patterns…. they will last a lot longer and you can use them over and over again….. Also I kept a head of my DD’s demands for new doll clothes by sewing a bunch months in advance of any holidays or gift giving occasion. I made the clothes out of poly- cotton blends because they were washable but did not need to be ironed…. not sure if that type of fabric is still available. I still have those doll clothes tucked away for a hoped for granddaughter. But we will get her a new AMERICAN GIRL doll when she gets old enough.

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