July Solids Challenge

July Solids Challenge from Crafty Planner

For this month’s solids challenge, I channel Gwen Marston and work in an abstract improv fashion.

Here is my inspiration picture:

Gwen Marston

Taking her log cabin idea and adding in some different angles, I made four blocks. I used scraps from my Northcott Colorworks Solids and didn’t cut new pieces. It was important to the utility of the piece to be made as an extension of already constructed pieces.

Gwen’s color palette was appealing to me so I used it for me piece. My love for purple won out in the blocks and plays a dominant role. It also balances the orange and accents the black. Until recently, I stayed away from black in my pieces but I’ve beginning to see how it plays an important role in offsetting the other colors.

July Challenge Vertical

Following some of the existing lines/shapes within the quilt blocks, I decided to use the quilting as a guide for viewers. Light grey thread felt like the right choice as it’s a bit soft and an accent at the same time.

Looking for the “perfect” place to photograph this quilt took more time than the piecing and quilting. Improv sewing/quilting is becoming much more natural for me.

This gorgeous orange warm wall is on one side of my local library and felt like the perfect compliment to the primary colors in the piece. July Challenge Horizontal

Can’t wait to see what August’s challenge will be!


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