Podcast Episode # 75: Lea Redmond

Lea Redmond on the Crafty Planner podcast

“Join Lea Redmond, author of Knit The Sky, for an introduction to her adventurous world of knitting, one that is playful, conceptual, and wonderfully personal. Document the weather with stripes. Track your moods in a rainbow of color. And more! She’ll tell stories, show example projects, and guide you through an activity to develop your very own special project in the spirit of “knitting the sky”. You’ll leave the class with at least one bright idea that you can’t wait to knit up! If you’re an accomplished knitter, mix this conceptual approach with your favorite patterns and techniques; if you’re a beginner, design something technically simple that’s full of rich meanings. All you need to bring is paper and pen, life stories, and an open mind!” – Craftcation 

After attending two consecutive Craftcation conferences, I have grown to trust Nicole and Delilah’s instincts about what creative people might want to learn. This workshop was in the first session of the day and felt like the perfect way to set the tone for the conference. Walking into the workshop, there were so few of us that we took up the two rows directly in front of Lea. Absolutely adorable in a perfectly fit vintage dress, Lea described her book, Knit the Sky, and showed us several of the projects she had made. Knowing there is nothing like experiencing something first hand, Lea led us through several creative thinking exercises. During the podcast, we talk more about the creative awakenings that happened during the session but I can easily say this was one of the best creative workshops I have taken at Craftcation.

Lea’s thoughtful approach to raising awareness through creative exercises is inspiring and unique. Her nuggets of wisdom encourage me to explore my craft in a more personal fashion and with intention. I am excited to share her knowledge through the podcast and hope it inspires you in your journey.

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Show Notes:

Lea’s company: Leafcutter Designs

Her book: Knit the Sky

World’s Smallest Postal Service


Storey Publishing is graciously giving away one copy of Lea’s book: Knit the Sky!

Knit the Sky by Lea Redmond

The giveaway is limited to United States residents. In order to be entered for the giveaway, leave a comment about one thing you took away from the podcast. The giveaway will close on Monday, August 1, 2016.

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  1. I often struggle with the idea of being an artist. I don’t like the term because it evokes ideas of creating with great thought and bending ideas to delve further into a topic. I create because I like to create. Most often it’s just because I think something looks pretty. But the term crafter or crafty has an even worse connotation; old women gathering together using cast off items to create things to sell at the church bazaar. Lea mentioned she didn’t like going to art school to “learn” art – that she learned her style more from her surroundings, her background and the people around her. I like that. We don’t have to be creative for the sake of creating something. Sometimes we can just be creative because it’s who we are and it pleases us.

  2. So inspired by Lea this morning. Live the impact of the story in the creation and allowing the present to impact design/creativity. Great episode!

  3. I can’t get the image of your sunset variation on Lea’s knit the sky concept out of my head. I’m leaning towards finding a new flower color showing up from my window as spring tulips morph inro irises into yarrows into autumn joy. She had so many original ideas and such enthusiasm in sharing them.

    1. Post


      You are the winner! I will email you now but if you don’t see something soon, let me know. Thank you!


  4. I’m a maker and rarely make for art sake. I create for a reason. A person is going to get it or an exhibit or a show challenge. I never create for art sake. The whole idea of her challenges stretched me. I’m open to the possibility but my brain doesn’t work that way…..Yet!

  5. I’ll sneak in a few rows of knitting before work. I like starting (and ending) my day with something that’s just for me. I knit daily and that’s okay. I do tend to follow a pattern almost exactly but it makes me proud to know I can do what the designer can.
    I was that little girl with the friendship bracelet and beads. I still am.

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