Double Zip Wallet Finish

Double Zip Wallet by Crafty Planner

Ever have a week where it seems like every project goes badly? Goodwill is now in possession of a frustrating piece of fabric/makeshift garment and my “works in progress” pile is now one project heavier. But I finished my double zip wallet! (Pattern by Anna Graham in Handmade Style). This finish is brought to you by friends who patiently tell you to put doooowwwwnnnn the scissors and take a break! (Thank you, Jacey!)

Everytime I would see a new double zip wallet on Instagram, I would droll with jealousy. Several years ago, my friend, Ronya, made me a wallet and I’ve used it daily since then. Unfortunately, it is falling apart so now my jealousy needed to turn into reality. I used hoarded out of print pieces for my wallet and found matching Zip It zippers in my stash. (Hooray for a zipper stash! I really love Zip It zippers!)

Zips of the Double Zip Wallet by Crafty Planner

Thoughts about the pattern:

The instructions are not necessarily confusing. I recommend concentrating on the task (no drinking!), reading each step out loud and making sure you have the right and wrong sides together.

Also, one of your exterior pieces will be covered by the wallet’s pockets so think about if you want to use treasured out of print fabrics for that component.

The tube you sew at the end is hard to describe. Jacey reminded me of this post from Fancy Tiger Crafts. (So now I think linings together and exteriors together for that step!)

Inside of Double Zip

I kept that binding piece from Carolyn Friedlander’s Architextures fabric line for so long. I loved that I could use it!

Double Zip Half Open

I have already bought more zippers to make a couple more but will wait until I see how I use this wallet.

I’m already thinking about making the tab a bit wider and longer. I might go with two card sides instead of the pocket and I’ll add more interfacing to each of the pieces.

But my favorite part? How it matches my favorite Pyrex pattern!

Double Zip Wallet by Crafty Planner

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