Amy Barickman / Quilty Box August Edition

Amy Barickman on the Crafty Planner podcast

When I mentioned to my mother that I wanted to make a bag, she told me to always check out Indygo Junction‘s well written patterns. As is the case, I should have listened to my mother then and tried to make the bag pattern she gave me. Fast forward four years and I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Barickman at Quilt Con. In her booth filled with modern designed garments in gorgeous saturated color, I remember standing there in awe. Luckily, Amy had a minute to spare and showed me around the booth. I immediately bought some of her Crossroads Denim in eggplant and started thinking about what I could make with it. I finally decided on the Cutting Edge jacket and still love the softness of the denim. I also made a doll dress for my daughter out of Amy’s newest fabric line, Stitcher’s Garden. In preparation for our podcast, I saw Amy now has a line of similarly designed garment patterns and can’t wait to try the Shift Dress.

Indygo Junction Shift Dress pattern

As a pattern and fabric designer, Amy is full of great advice. During our podcast, Amy and I talk about the role her mother has played in her career, the changes she has seen in the twenty five years she has been in the industry, how she works to bring joy through what she makes and does and what she included in her Quilty Box. I hope you love the episode!

Notes from the Show:

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

International Quilt Market

Indygo Junction


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