“Homage” {August Solids Challenge Mini Quilt}

While preparing for my podcast with Heather Jones, I decided to re-read her book, Quilt Local, while on a mini-vacation. My in-laws invited us to spend time on the Colorado River with their pontoon boat, jet skis and water toys. Taking Heather’s advice to observe your surroundings and disconnect from the digital world, I spent a day absorbing the details of my experience. Using an old water proof camera, I took pictures while floating in the water and driving in the boat. Water always calms my soul and being by the river was just what I needed.

River Picture
When I came back from our trip, I changed my plan for my mini quilt challenge made from Northcott Fabrics. I wanted to make my mini quilt as a memento of my time on the river and make it my own “quilt local” piece. This is my inspiration photo:
From the Boat
Taking the three main colors from the photograph as my color palatte, I considered patterns I wanted to use. Remembering Heather’s Creativebug class on her “Homage” quilt block, I knew it would be the perfect way to combine my water memento and the gorgeous solid colors.
Here it is!
Homage on Wall
Where Homage Lives

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  1. I love this mini quilt Sandi. Your inspiration has sparked me to challenge myself to make a mini from a cherished time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Post


      That is the best compliment I can receive! I was just looking at the mini quilt yesterday and it gave me a dose of the calm I felt on that trip. What a perfect reason to make for ourselves! 🙂

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