Podcast Episode # 80: Kathy Hall

Kathy Hall on the Crafty Planner podcast

Sitting in the back of the room at the Lizzy House and Libs Elliott Schoolhouses at Spring Quilt Market was Kathy Hall. Quietly arranging samples and making sure Lizzy and Libs had everything they needed, Kathy was orchestrating the show. I found it irresistible to watch her work although my eyes should have been completely focused on the presentations. I have learned the quiet people in the back are often the most influential. Not completely knowing who she was but following a gut instinct, I asked her to be on the podcast. Today’s episode is a result of my gut instinct.

Kathy Hall is a fabric designer, sewist, and Design Director for Andover Fabrics. During our podcast, we talk about her work as a fabric designer including the Little House on a Prairie fabric line, what she looks for in a new designer, and her thoughts on modern and traditional quilting.


Notes from the Show:

Alison Glass (my podcast with her here)

Lizzy House (my podcast with her here)

Libs Elliott (my podcast with her here)


This episode is sponsored by Andover Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop!

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