Mighty Lucky September Podcast: Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering on the Crafty Planner podcast

Today’s podcast guest is Jacquie Gering. Living in Kansas City, Jacquie is a modern quilter, author, teacher, Chair of the Modern Quilt Guild, wife and mother to two sons. This is the second time I have interviewed Jacquie (here is the first) and I enjoyed having a second chance to talk about her work and how things have changed since our first conversation.

As part of the ongoing Mighty Lucky Quilting Club series, we talk about how her design style has changed, her challenge to explore negative space, the Modern Quilt Guild’s blog post about derivative work and how to see quilts from a compositional perspective.

Notes from the Show:

Gee’s Bend quilters

WALK: Master Machine Quilting with your Walking Foot by Jacquie Gering

Accentuate the Negative by Trisch Price

Noma Barr

Notan: Japanese principle of space

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

Angela Walters

Krista Withers


This episode is sponsored by Sewtopia. You can find out more about the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club here.

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  1. Great talk! I love hearing from Jacquie. I would only disagree that asking permission from a designer to show a quilt is common sense. Crediting the designer, yes, absolutely, that is common sense but being required to ask permission to show a pattern (especially one that you bought) is taking it too far.

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      I agree with you. Since there is a history of not crediting designers/makers, I assumed that is where the common sense part of the discussion originated.


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