Morgan Jeans Pattern Review

Morgan Jeans Review

There have been two sewing challenges that have intimidated me: bras and jeans. When Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics asked me if I wanted to try a pattern from their vast collection, I had a serious dilemma. Should I take on one of my challenges or go with something I was more familiar with? I asked Mr Bear if he thought I should try to make jeans. He just gave me “the look”. I decided I would go for it. Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics sells kits so I knew everything would be included. I wouldn’t have to run all over town looking for the right thing.

Morgan Jeans Kit

The Kit
I honestly don’t know if I would have tried to make the jeans without the kit. Since I was new to using denim, I was concerned about what weight to use and how to determine stretch along with finding the tools for the button and the right zipper.

The kit came wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper with each of the notions packaged in their own labeled plastic bag. The rivets and buttons were matched perfectly and I was grateful not to have to find the gold topstitching thread. I was ready to go!

The Pattern
The Morgan Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files comes with a tissue pattern pattern and an instruction booklet. Heather explains each step well and has accompanying illustrations. She also has a sewalong she put together for the Ginger Jeans, which provides extra support for each of the steps.

My Modifications
Based on the measurements, I needed to grade my pattern beyond the largest size. Using the New Complete Guide to Sewing by Reader’s Digest, I modified the pattern. I also decided I wanted a zipper fly instead of buttons. None of my jeans are button fly so I wanted to make sure I would absolutely love this pair since I was investing quite a bit of time into making them. Luckily, the Ginger Jeans sewalong included directions for the zipper fly.

Version One

20160831_083649 20160831_083644

So I made the jeans following the measurements and they were huge on me. You can see the size in the first set of pictures. I was completely heart broken. I almost threw in the towel. But my dear friend, Angela, who patiently went through hours of sewing with me, talked me into taking out the hem and the waistband and tightening them up. Since I broke my sewing machine while topstitching the button on this pair of jeans, I needed to wait until I received a new bobbin case.

Luckily, the bobbin case came quickly and I got back to working on my second version of the jeans. But while I was removing the waistband to tighten them, I ended up taking off the zipper head. Yeah… I am not brilliant. This meant I had to take out the zipper fly too. Wow. Let’s just say that this pair of jeans are not perfect. I learned a lot and made wearable jeans.

Version Two

back-view-of-morgan-jeans side-view-of-morgan-jeans front-view-of-morgan-jeans

Check out my pocket!


So…. would I ever make jeans again?
Even after all of my misadventures, I would make them again. Heather makes the process easy to follow by taking it step by step. For my next pair, I may try the Ginger Jeans pattern though. And if you want to make your own pair, you can use coupon code: CRAFTYPLANNER for 15% off your next online purchase!

*Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics provided the pattern and kit for free. My opinions are my own.*