Point Me That Way {September Solids Challenge}

For this month’s challenge using Northcott Colorworks solid fabrics, I was inspired by the Rhythm Quilt designed by Kathreen Ricketson in her book, Brave New Quilts.

Rhythm Quilt from Brave New Quilts

I borrowed the book for the library and fell in love with Kathreen’s writing style and design aesthetic. Knowing a bit about her but not having had the opportunity to meet her myself, the book was bittersweet for me. (Here is a fantastic article about Kathleen and her tragic death.) To honor Kathreen and to celebrate the stamina/courage/strength it takes to forge your own path, I created Point Me That Way.





The quilt is not square but pointy! I loved picking random colors to go together and found the process as relaxing/stressful as choosing your own path. To balance (maybe counter balance!) the shape, I quilted the piece thinking about how we have to push ourselves from our core center and project what we want and need. Lastly, I decided to machine bind this quilt. It’s the first time I have machine bound a quilt (and didn’t rip it out!). I even emphasized the binding in the last picture! For me, it was an ode to the times when we “do our best” and sometimes that means not doing it all. This mini quilt has been a bit cathartic for me and comes after an emotional and raw podcast episode with Diane Gilleland. I’m proud of my solids challenge and hope it encourages others to connect their work with their soul.

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