Mighty Lucky October Podcast: Nichole Vogelsinger of Wild Boho

Nichole Vogelsinger on the Crafty Planner podcast

Miniature quilts give me the opportunity to concentrate on creating a small piece of art that fits perfectly in a space. Hoop arts also fits that same creative niche. Nichole Vogelsinger of Wild Boho makes hoop art I want for my house. Spending time with her grandmother who worked at a fabric store and her mother who taught quilting, Nichole was surrounded by gorgeous fabrics from a young age. Even though she didn’t catch the sewing bug then, she took up embroidery after her first child was born and hasn’t looked back.

Using her incredible skill set, Nichole’s challenge for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is to create your own embroidery pattern! During the podcast, we talk about her challenge (and the two techniques she teaches) along with her favorite tools for making hoop art. I hope you enjoy the episode!

Notes from the Show:

Noodlehead Patterns

Alison Glass

Anna Maria Horner (you can hear my podcast with her here)

Sue Spargo Thread by Wonderfil

Carolyn Friedlander

Wefty Needle

Mister Domestic Weavealong


This episode is sponsored by Lucky Spool Media. You can find out more about the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club here.

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