Amanda Jean Nyberg / Mighty Lucky November Edition

Amanda Jean Nyberg on the Crafty Planner podcast

Amanda Jean Nyberg (also known as Crazy Mom Quilts) is hands down one of the “Queens of Scraps”. Every time I think about keeping a scrap, I think WWAJD “what would Amanda Jean do?”! It has led to the keeping more scraps but I love when I use them up. With Cheryl Arkison, Amanda co-wrote Sunday Morning Quilts all about saving scraps and using them in 16 different projects. It is one of my “go-to” books for inspiration and stash busting. Using her quilt making and color combining experience, she designed her first fabric collection with Connecting Threads called Good Neighbors. She also teaches classes and has been consistently blogging since 2006.

As part of my Mighty Lucky Quilting Club designer series, I chat with Amanda Jean about her challenge to explore color, designing fabric and how she stores her fabric scraps. I hope you enjoy the episode!

Notes from the Show:

Amanda’s Finish It Up Friday

Tara : Tinkerfrog

Amanda’s Upcoming Book: No Scrap Left Behind


This episode is sponsored by Lucky Spool Media. You can find out more about the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club here.

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  1. I almost gasped when I saw this week’s guest announcement. I love AJ and ask myself the same question about scraps because of her.

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