Lisa Congdon {Podcast Episode # 97}

Today’s podcast guest is Lisa Congdon. I had the privilege of hearing her keynote address at Craftcation a few years ago and wanted to share her wisdom on the podcast. Lisa is a surface designer, illustrator, author of seven books, speaker, teacher, wife and animal mom. During our conversation, we talk about her creative journey starting in the education field and how a chance art class led to her art career.


She gives advice on how creative people can develop their own voice and the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. As a proponent of integrating her experiences into her work, Lisa talk about how politics has changed her practice and the impact of judging Quilt Con on her work.

After years of living in California, she and her partner recently moved to Portland, Oregon so we talk about the move and her feelings about her new neighborhood. We also touch on how daily/weekly projects motivate her along with the aftermath of the Cody Foster lawsuit.

As I expected, Lisa was incredibly kind and shared so much of herself. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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