Interview with Patrick Claytor of Quilty Box

Since last year, I have had the privilege of partnering with Patrick Claytor of Quilty Box and producing podcast episodes with designers who curate their monthly boxes. (Some past episodes include Jeni Baker, Natalie Barnes, Kaari Meng and more). When we first talk about our collaboration, I asked Patrick about his passion for the industry and measure of success for someone receiving their box. As I was preparing to publish the January Quilty Box episode, I realized others might be interested in a “behind the scenes” peek at Quilty Box. Patrick is a masterful collaborator and bring a unique voice to the community. Here is more about Patrick and his work:

1) You bought Quilty Box from the original owner. What is your vision for the company?

My vision for Quilty Box is to build a platform to inspire quilters, feature artists, and promote products. This goes beyond the awesome notions and tools and fabric in a Quilty Box. It is about connecting the subscribers and the featured artist to explore new styles and learn about new techniques. It is about getting a surprise and treating yourself to something new each month. On top of that, it is about creating a lasting company which supports the quilting industry, our employees and my growing family.

2) How do you choose your curators?

Curators are chosen based on their unique styles. We’ve met a lot of great quilters and designers through social media and at Quilt Market and Festival.


3) What was your most popular Quilty Box?

The May 2016 Quilty Box with AnneMarie Chany from Gen X Quilters was very popular. (You can listen to my podcast with AnneMarie here) The RJR Fabrics Piemaking Day fabrics by Brenda Ratliff that were included appealed to a lot of quilters. AnneMarie and Brenda are both amazing artists.

More recently, in September of this year, Kaari Meng with the French General helped us create a very popular Quilty Box. Included was an amazing bundle of fabric from her Madame Rouge collection, Cosmo floss, and two patterns Kaari designed specifically for Quilty Box along with other notions.

It always amazes me what appeals to quilters across the board. Between modern and traditional style quilters, there is a lot of overlap that most do not realize. One might say May was modern style and September was traditional styled, but everyone enjoyed them both.

This is the reason why being a subscriber is so fun. You receive a surprise bundle of products that you may have never been drawn to in a store. You can read about the artist and you can try their patterns without worry of cutting up your stash. You may just find a new style that you fall in love with. And, if not, you created a nice gift for someone and added templates and notions to your collection. Each Quilty Box tells a story and each month you’re surprised and have a free pass to slip into your sewing room and explore.

4) I love your sturdy boxes and use them for storing notions. What is the best reuse you’ve seen of your boxes?

We have one subscriber who mod podges her boxes before using them for storage. She cuts the flaps off the top and glues magnets to it so they are easy to open and close when they’re all decorated. My cat, Nola, enjoys reusing them as a bed if I leave them out at home, even though she’s ‘over the weight limit.’

5) What can we look forward to this year for Quilty Box?

As Quilty Box grows, we are able to provide more and more inspiration and content, either through a blog or through more information and patterns within each Quilty Box. We are always meeting with new brands and new featured artists so of course we will continue delivering the latest fabric collections and awesome new products.

This year, we partnered with the Kennel Quilt project to offer a special edition Quilty Box to benefit the PetFinder Foundation and we donate a portion of our multi-month subscription profit to Quilts for Kids. This year we will continue that support while to look for other ways to support high quality charities.

Lastly, we have expanded by our partnership with CMYfabriK Box. Rachel and Jessica, the founders, have created a sewing oriented box which contains smaller sewing projects and includes everything one needs in each box. It is exciting to be able to offer sewing enthusiasts great inspiration, whether they are an experienced sewist or they are a beginner and need a little help creating that awesome project they saw on Pinterest.

2016 was an exciting year and 2017 is shaping up to be just as awesome!

Thanks, Patrick! Look forward to seeing all the new boxes!

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  1. wow..i had no idea…i am getting the quilty box and look forward to it each month…the partnership will be great for us new to sewing and getting back to life after a stroke…thanx

  2. I am so excited by my Quilty Box subscription and I have learn so much is so little time .. I am so inspire by the projects from my QB that I have dedicated my youtube channel to teach what I am learning.

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