Angela Pingel {Quilty Box February Podcast}

When I “meet” someone for the first time, I usually remember the situation or introduction. For example, my introduction to Angela Pingel was when I read her blog post about the definition of modern quilting. Ninety five percent of the time, when I am asked to define modern quilting, I talk about the mindset of the creator, the ode to traditional quilting with an unique perspective and embracing graphic design/solid fabrics. It’s not an easy topic and while it might be easier to say “it’s not your grandmother’s quilt”, that also doesn’t define the movement/craft well. Angela’s struggle with the definition and how it was being interpreted at that time gave me food for thought.

I have continued to follow Angela’s career as she wrote A Quilter’s Mixology, recorded her Sewing Techniques for Accurate Curved Piecing DVD, published patterns and designed her fabric line, Curious Dream, for Windham Fabrics. During our conversation, we talk about what she included in her Quilty Box subscription, how quilting has become therapy, and her self proclaimed #nerdalert status.

Notes from the Show:

Joann Fabrics

Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day


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  1. great 100th episode. thanks for telling us your creative journey, i guess there was a few of us that asked, it’s become such an interesting part of your episodes i’m glad you shared.

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