Alison Glass and Chen Wu {Quilty Box March Podcast}

Being an incredibly curious person, I tend to remember things about people and carefully file them away for future use. My Alison Glass mental file folder is large. Between our podcast last year and the Designer Profile in Love Patchwork & Quilting, I feel like I could produce a podcast of just me talking about Alison! When it came time to schedule our chat for Quilty Box, a friend suggested that I interview Alison and Chen Wu together. They are well known for their friendship and hilarious conversations so why not!?!

During our conversation, we talk about Alison’s creative journey and when Chen started working for her. Considering I have asked Alison a series of questions and she has been interviewed quite a bit, we talk about the most common question she has been asked and how she would really like to answer it. This discussion is a bit of silliness infused with business advice and how stalkers can become friends. I hope you enjoy it.

Notes from the Show:

Anna Maria Horner

Andover Fabrics


Amy Butler

Gina Pina


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  1. Really enjoyed this podcast – had seen the link in AG’s IG feed. Appreciated both Alison & Chen’s openness and sharing their friendship. Great questions from Sandi. It’s a great sneak peak into the life of such an amazing artist who creates such wonderful pieces with the support of a great friend – and then shares it with us. Admire that you are doing obviously something that you love and are passionate about.

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