Timna Tarr {Podcast Episode # 104}

For makers like Timna Tarr, the use of color is an intuitive process. They may train in art or graphic design but their underlying sense of color is innate. I remember coming across these two quilts by Timna:

Colorfall by Timna Tarr

Holyoke 1938 by Timna Tarr

I could tell there was a story behind her quilts. Little did I know  we shared a history of growing up in a family of quilters… yet not learning how to quilt until we were older or that we both love maps and figuring out how things go together. Living in Massachusetts, Timna is a quilter, teacher, speaker and long arm quilter. It was fun to learn about how she plans (or doesn’t!) the colors of her quilts, how her art degree helps her quilting, her thoughts on art versus craft and so much more. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Notes from the Show:

Abstract: The Art of Design (Netflix series)

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  1. Usually when I accidentally overhear conversations in a coffeeshop or a restaurant, I feel trapped and don’t enjoy it, but once in a while, I sit with my head buried in my knitting because two really interesting people are chatting about fascinating things, and I just want to quietly soak up all that they’re saying. That’s what I feel like when I listen to your podcast, Sandi – you ask really good questions that get the subject thinking and talking, but it also feels fun and fresh and sometimes silly and sometimes crazy serious. It’s like we’re all having a great time together, and I just don’t want it to end! SO AWESOME. I really look forward to your podcast showing up in my feed.

  2. I totally agree with Erin. Your podcasts never sit long in my feed as I’m eager to hear who I’m going to meet next. I always get what I call a fortune cookie to chew on after I listen. This time I was a captive audience on a drive from Los Angeles to Sacramento. The topic of map quilts really grabbed me coincidentally as I navigated. I would have pulled over to look up Timna’s quilts if I could have. The two cookies that I got from this conversation were about building a quilt, even an improv quilt, with SOME parameter (dots on batiks or the reverse, for example). I have wanted to do improv slabs but always felt just so overwhelmed with bins of scraps. I had no entry point because the gateway was too expansive, if that makes sense. The other extremely useful idea was third yard cuts of fabric to be sure to gain a wide enough piece to work with 10″ squares or charms. Thanks for feeding my creative process.

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