Ashley Nell Tipton {Podcast Episode # 106}

As the winner of Project Runway, Season 14, Ashley Nell Tipton has elevated the conversation about plus sized fashion, purple hair and being true to yourself. Throughout the season, Ashley continuously pushed herself while battling self doubt and anxiety. Growing up as a “fat kid” struggling with dyslexia, Ashley learned to sew from her grandmother. After working at Torrid (a plus size store) during high school, she decided to pursue fashion design. As she went to a local community college in San Diego and the Fashion Career College, Ashley refined her garment making skills with bridal wear. Throughout the long application process for Project Runway, Ashley had the support of her family and friends who supported her along the way.

During our conversation, we talk about growing up as a plus sized kid, her thoughts about the term “plus size”, how she deals with the emotional weight of being an artist, being a brand ambassador for JC Penney, designing every day wear for Simplicity Patterns and more. There are a few cuss words sprinkled through the conversation but I did not label it as explicit. I hope you enjoy the episode.


Simplicity Patterns is proud to sponsor this podcast episode with Ashley Nell Tipton. Ashley brings her bold fashion sense to our creative group and designs wearable plus sized clothes. She has a fantastic knit bodysuit pattern (Simplicity number 8344) and a dress, top and skirt combination pattern (Simplicity number 8345). We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! You can see her latest collection at

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  1. I almost couldn’t watch the last episode of season 14, which I literally binge watched on HULU. I had to google the winner before I could watch it, because I wanted Ashley to win SO badly. I cried every time she cried in every episode, and I was totally ugly crying when she won. I am so happy that not only a plus size designer but a ready to wear designer took the crown, and I absolutely adore Ashley. I hate haters, bullies, and cliques. You show them Ashley for all of us. Oh, and BTW, you are gorgeous and don’t ever doubt yourself. Follow your heart and be true to yourself.

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