No Scrap Left Behind Blog Tour Stop and Slopes Pillow

When Amanda Jean Nyberg announced on the podcast that she was writing a new book about scraps/scrap management/quilt patterns, I *might* have gotten a bit excited. (Okay, okay, I did!) Her first book, Sunday Morning Quilts, with Cheryl Arkison, was eye opening: modern quilt designs using scraps. When Amanda Jean’s No Scrap Left Behind book arrived at my house, I spent kid-free luxurious hours reading more about Amanda Jean’s story, learning about her scrap management system and thinking about all the quilts I wanted to make.

It doesn’t take long before you have a scrap collection. Even early on in my quilting journey, I had no fabric stash and members of my local quilt guild let me “shop” in their scrap stashes. Since then, I have gone through several scrap management systems to figure out what works best for me. Amanda Jean details out an impressive and very organized system. It’s clearly set up to facilitate using the scraps in the future. Mine… well… it looks a bit like this:

First, I divide up my solid and print scraps. My solid scraps are organized by color and sorted in gallon plastic bags. Since I have more print than solids scraps, they are sorted by color and then stored in plastic totes. (I got these from Costco.) The scraps are loosely organized by size in that I keep fat quarters on one side of the tote and then the rest by size. I do separate out different substrates so the picture shows you mostly my print scraps, a few works in progress bins and various notions. Since my brain usually thinks of color first, I haven’t thought to organize based on size. We’ll see if I feel the same way now I’ve started working with Amanda Jean’s book.

Reading through Amanda Jean’s book, I immediately wanted to try one of her patterns. It was a hard choice but her Slopes pattern won out!

Drawn to the cool solid color palate and slight asymmetry, I was tempted to follow her lead and make a similar one. Instead I looked for my biggest and most unorganized scrap box and decided to start there. This box is made up of my light background print fabrics that don’t “read” any one color. Some pieces are multi-colored and others may be primarily one color with a lightish background.

I upended the whole box and started sorting. I even (gasp!) cut the largest pieces into strips for the pattern. Once I started sewing them together, I saw the beauty of Amanda Jean’s system. If the pieces are pre-cut, you can use them faster. After the blocks were together, I decided that black would be the best accent color. It was a close call with hot pink so I choose a hot pink piping.

I loved the pattern and want to develop it into a full quilt. I could even make one block at a time between other projects… The plans are swirling around in my brain! And apparently, the pillow meets the ultimate test: cat approval!

If you want to see how others organize their stash or more projects from the book, here is the rest of the blog tour schedule:

Monday, April 24th, Mary Kolb
Tuesday, April 25, Lee Monroe
Wednesday, April 26, Sandi Hazlewood (you are here!)
Thursday, April 27, Bernie Kringel
Friday, April 28, Erin Cox

Monday, May 1, Katherine Greaves
Tuesday, May 2, Tracy Mooney
Wednesday, May 3, Cheryl Arkison
Thursday, May 4, Debbie Jeske
Friday, May 5, Amy Smart


For a chance to win a copy of No Scrap Left Behind, leave a comment about your favorite scrap project. If you are a winner and you live with in the US, you will receive a hard copy of the book. If you live outside the US, you will receive a digital copy of the book. The giveaway will end on May 3rd at 6pm pacific time.

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  1. Sandi, the pillow is so beautiful! nice work! I love the black accent and the pink piping-what a lovely combination. I also loved reading about your scrap organization system. they look so nice and tidy! I also had to laugh, because you picked one of the two quilts from the book that have a lot of purple in them. Coincidence? Hmmmm. 🙂

  2. My favorite scrap project was making a king size scrappy flannel Bear’s Paw quilt for my son. I used scraps of many of his flannel shirts. It’s still my favorite quilt.

  3. I am new to quilting, but so far I have used scraps for doll quilts and catnip mice! I would love a copy of the book.

  4. My favorite scrap project is a string quilt that is the first quilt that I designed myself. I gave to to my grandma when I finished it and she loved it for many years. It’s back living with me and I always have a piece of her with me now that she’s gone. 🙂

  5. Sandi, I’m making a slopes quilt right now and I’m using tons of scraps from I spy quilts I have made. This is probably my first big scrap quilt but I’m thinking that it has been a great gateway into improv piecing. When I cut the slopes, I save the leftovers as slab starters. Scraps are like rabbits, you know.

  6. I am a new quilter and so I do not have very many scraps but what I do have is separated by (a) grandchild, which color and pattern is best suited to each grandchild and (b) a small container of my special scraps for gifts for the special people in my life.

  7. So far my favorite project has been string blocks set according to Bonnie Hunter’s Basket-Weave-Strings quilt pattern. I would love to have a copy of No Scraps Left Behind because I never run out of scraps.

  8. I made a applecore wallhanging from scraps for my daughter. She made a gap year in Ireland and all friends signed on it

  9. I have made several string blocks and then sash them and place them in a lap quilt. It uses up a lot of scraps and the recipients have enjoyed them. i love scrappy looks and pretty much love choosing colors as I go.

  10. I just made a scrappy blue string quilt, so that’s my current favorite. I like your scrap storage method! My scraps are unfortunately intermingled with my yardage. Maybe someday I’ll sort better. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Lovely pillow! I need to try more low volume work. So beautiful. I create slabs with my scraps. Not enough for a quilt yet, but someday!

  12. I once made a rainbow quilt out of 100% scraps and loved the result. I often incorporate scraps, but that was the only 100% scrap project I’ve made so far!

  13. I bought fabric for my first (log cabin) quilt, guessing at how much fabric to buy. Since then I’ve used scraps (leftovers) to make – toss cushions, place mats, mug rugs, a slouch bag and a sewing machine cover. Love using all of everything!
    Have since learned to better calculate the quantity of fabric I’ll need!

  14. I love this pillow project! Looks great!

    I’ve been using my larger scraps to make small cloth napkins to replace the boring black ones we’ve been using for years. Getting to see some of my favorite fabrics at every meal is so nice.

  15. I super love your pillow. Low volume scraps are my current favorite to use in quilts but also love solids and rainbows. I have more fun creating with scraps than yardage!

  16. I only JUST made my first scrap project – a pincushion. I’m hoping to make a quilt some day from scraps. I think I need this book.

  17. My favorite scrappy project was a 50th anniversary quilt for my parents. I printed family photos on fabric and surrounded them with sashing of 1.5″ squares of Fossil Fern fabrics. I love the way it turned out. Thanks for sharing this book and giving us a chance to win.

  18. My favorite (and most successful) scrap project has been Amanda Jean’s Scrap Vortex Quilt. I hadn’t made a quilt for about 10 years and wanted to use my old scraps up (Ha!) and start fresh with a new stash! Her system of building the units is so manageable, I love making them.

  19. My favorite scrap project to date has to be my Kaffe Fassett spider web paper pieced lots of brights paired with black and white prints still unfinished but it makes me smile when it catches my eye in the UFO pile

  20. My favorite scrap projects are baby quilts. They are quick and use up the scraps. I can seriously envision a throw quilt in low volume slopes! Great pillow!

  21. I’ve only really used scraps in making wonky houses. I currently have a quilt ready to start quilting that is made of scrappy wonky houses! I would like to do more though!

  22. I love scrappy so much. it is hard to name just one project. right now it is a civil war 9 patch (3 1/2″) and snowballs. I didn’t have to cut the strips for the 9 patches or for the center of the snowball. they were already cut and ready for me to start sewing. I try really hard to cut my scraps into my system of 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 5 inch sqs. I also cut strips if they are 12″ or longer into 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 5″. I sort by size not color.

  23. I love making hst’s with my scraps! I know a bit crazy. But I love it. There are so many possibilities to use them up. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I love love your pillow cover.

  24. Love your scrappy low-volume pillow case! Loved to be the cat checking it 🙂

    I loved using all my green scraps originally for oven gloves, but than I loved it so much that it became my user-profile-image and a huge pillow for myself. Just using up all of them made me so happy – no waste and no storage and something beautiful in hands. Perfect match, for me.

  25. I am a newbie but sewing a lot and getting lots of experience. I keep saving my scraps and i think I am going to start sewing pincushions to give as gifts. I also love to make journal covers and mug rugs with my scraps

  26. Most of my quilts are scrappy. I made two log cabin quilts and a strip quilt this winter and just got them quilted. I love them. Two are gifts and one is mine.

  27. I have been overwhelmed by scraps and asked my daughter in law to organize them by color. She did. I put them in bags, with intentions to make the scrap boxes, never did. They are in bags in a big basket behind my sewing table so I can toss the new scraps into it. My plans have changed and I have been sifting through each color and cutting them up and have been making some pineapple blocks. These are so fun to make. I have only made a couple. But I need to finish cutting my scraps into 1 1/2″ strips. Who knew using scraps could be so much fun! How I love your Pillow!

  28. My fave scrap project is the one I’m about to start – the #100days100blocks2017 – my first ever scrap project. It uses lots of small pieces and i’m really excited

  29. I think scrap quilts are the best! I have spent many years building my Stash and was able to hone it down after a recent major move. Now I’m left with my ‘favourite’s stuff. Interesting though that I didn’t get rid of anything out of my stash bins- no sorting or reducing going on there! Now I’m as using 1 1/2″, 2″ and 2 1/2″ strips and squares.
    I also found a huge supply of ready-made/leftover Half Square Triangles (HSTs). I am working on a king size Lady of the Lake.

  30. I just started quilting in the last few years and the only scrap projects I’ve done are pincushions – unfortunately those don’t go through the scraps very rapidly. This pillow you created is great, I might need to try something like that this weekend with some of my scraps and see what sort of dent I can put into my various haphazard piles 🙂 I do think a new way of organizing them might be in order as well.

  31. Having just started sewing, don’t have very many scraps yet. But I did manage to make a catnip bag for my Charlie. I love your pillow. Will have to give that a try.

  32. My favorite way to use scraps is to make quilts for underprivileged children. Sewing up some love is so gratifying. I am loving seeing the projects from Amanda Jean’s book.

  33. I love Bonnie Hunter mysteries for using my scraps, and I try to use a scrappy but color plan in my EPP hexie quilts.

  34. Hi Sandi, its nice to meet you via your Blog. Love your low volume Slopes pillow….and the coordinating cat:)
    Glad it passed the test! Indeed you;’ll be making a Slopes quilt with Amanda Jean’s pattern. Looks easy enough for a novice like me. Thank you for sharing.

  35. I believe that no sewer should ever have to buy a greeting card. I use my scraps for so many things but making cards is my number one. I just buy blank cards and sew the scraps on, sometimes with decorative stitches as well.

  36. The quilt and your pillow are very cute. Do you differentiate between clear and muddied solids? I am tempted to combine them in a quilt.

  37. I have a scrappy mini quilt that has lots of bright colors which I love!!!! It is a strip quilt done on a foundation with the strips at an angle. I also have a scrappy I spy quilt which sits on my bed. My kids and I (aged 8-18) love plying I spy with it. It never gets old!

  38. I like to do the spider web quilt with my scraps plus prairie braid quilts with them. Love the pillow, will have to get my scraps sorted out

  39. I have recently made several slab quilts for charity from scraps. The first quilt I ever made, when I was thirteen, was from scraps. It was made from old jeans and scraps from my mother’s sewing. Forty-three years later I still have that quilt.

  40. My largest scrap project so far is a pillow, but have enough for a full sized blanket. Thanks for the ideas and a chance to win Amanda’s & end up with even more inspiration!!

  41. I love sewing strips together and then trying my various specialty rulers to see what kind of quilt blocks I can make.

  42. I’ve saved a lot of scraps in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been quilting but haven’t used many of them yet. The ones I’ve used have gone to pincushions or into applique. Would love to win this book for ideas for using more!

  43. I finished today a foundation pieced quilt in mainly purples and turquoises and it was great to use lots of quite small scraps in it, even some treasured snippets. So glad it is ready for the recipient’s 21st birthday this coming Sunday!
    I am in England, hoping to win the digital version of this book.

  44. I love scrappy stars and have made several rainbow scrappy star quilts. They are so bright and cheerful, they make me happy. Thanks.

  45. my favorite scrap project is working with Angela and all the other quilters on the RSC (rainbow scrap challenge) we work with one color a month, on a project/s of our choosing. it’s helped me get some direction in my sewing, and helped to organize all my scraps, plus make some pretty awesome quilts!

  46. I especially like to create original fabric using my scraps. I piece & piece and make a sheet of scrappy fabric. Then I cut it into shapes and sash with a solid color. I call it crumb piecing.

  47. I am enjoying your new-to-me blog. Scraps….oh those delicious little leftovers that keep multiplying! I seem to enjoy incorporating them into a project more than yardage, not sure why. I am saving grays and pinks for a string quilt but pink scraps in my house are few and far between – must not use that color much. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and all the inspiration!

  48. Your pillow is wonderful with all the low volume scraps! It’s definitely something I would enjoy making, too. After following Amanda Jean’s blog for awhile, I made a Scrap Vortex quilt, and I love it! Thamks for the giveaway!

    1. Post
  49. I love everything scrappy. I have made a lot of scrappy quilts. My favorite pattern is 9 Patch and Snowball. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome book.

  50. I love all things scrappy!!! I have 2 trip around the world quilts in scraps and a pineapple quilt done in all scraps…….I use them on zipper pouches and hot pads, and anything else I can incorporate them in. Your pillow is AWESOME!

  51. I’m hoarding all of my strips & strings to make a spider web quilt. Years ago, I worked with an older woman that quilted, and she told me when you want to make a scrap quilt, you should save up as much fabric as you think you’ll need, save up at least that much more, and then, maybe, you’ll have enough.

  52. I love making strip quilts. I’ve just started to branch out to other scrappy quilts and small pouches. Thank you for the give-away opportunity.

  53. I have baskets of scraps, all mix together and don’t what to do with them (organize how/what to sew). I need this book!

  54. Sure looks like the slope pattern has been added on my quilt bucket list, i have a few grand sons needing grown up quilts .

  55. My favorite scrap project is a crazy quilt — I use up not only fabric scraps (of all kinds), but leftover embroidery threads from other projects, buttons, beads, and whatever doohickeys I have lying around.

  56. I’m a real sucker for scraps, any color, any size. The tiniest the better. I use them for miniature paper piecing. It’s a great scrap buster. Xx

  57. I recently made a Dresden Star quilt that allowed me to use up quite a few scraps. I’ve yet to quilt it, but the top remains one of my favorites.

  58. So far my favorite scrap project has been an I-spy quilt I did for my mother-in-law. Made from scraps of projects that were made for her grandkids. The kids love to snuggle the quilt and look for the pieces that were theirs. : ) Glad your beautiful pillow passed the cat test!

  59. I love my scraps and continually find something to useful to make. I recently made drawstring bunny face bags for Easter. Didn’t have to buy anything extra! Love all the ideas in the comments too. Thanks

  60. My favourite scrap quilt is a flying geese quilt. My girlfriend and I each made one, sharing scraps, sitting out on her sun deck overlooking Lake Okanagan one summer.

  61. I love to sew scraps together to make new “fabric”. Then I cut it into pieces to use in traditional blocks.

  62. Your pillow looks fabulous. It’s fun to see a different interpretation than Amanda Jean’s. I often have trouble imagining what blocks/quilts will look like in different color ranges.

    Nearly every quilt I make seems to be a scrap quilt. Right now I’m making small 4″ scrappy squares from naturals/creams/tans with hints of peaches, pinks, and yellows. I think it might be my favorite.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway and introducing Amanda Jean’s new book.

  63. I make small scrap quilts, I love making anything scrappy, want to try some pincushions, thank you for the giveaway.

  64. I make crazy quilts with all scraps – any kind, any size. As a results scraps don’t build up too much. Currently sleeping under a very cozy crazy quilt.

  65. I’m still new to this quilt thing. I have a bunch of 5×5 squares cut to make a scrappy quilt with them but nothing special. I love this one it is pretty to look at.

  66. I am currently working on a 6 1/2 inch crazy patch scrap project but just finished up a scrappy bow tie block quilt. If the scraps were large enough to cut a 3 1/2 square, I made the bow tie block . If not, then into the crazy patch pile it went! Love your pillow and the cat!

  67. I like to make string quilts with the scraps. I’ll make a few blocks after finishing a project and before you know it I have enough for a quilt.

  68. My first quilt, made over forty years ago was a scrap quilt. Made from two inch squares 4,000 of them, left from garment scraps hand pieced and hand quilted. I have been hooked on scrap quilts ever since. Would love to have a copy of the book.

  69. Even my planned quilts look scrappy because I love the look. I make simple sachets with some of my scraps, and pincushions.

  70. I love to make scrap quilts. My latest scrap project has been Quilty 365 that has been made from a bunch of 5 inch squares and scraps. I am thinking of starting a scrappy log cabin next.

  71. My favorite scrap projects are quilts, the bigger the better. I haven’t made anything small from my scraps, such as a pillow, pot holder, pincushion etc. I might have to give it a try. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  72. Love making scrap quits as leaders and enders while making other quilts. Design varies
    based on size of current scraps. it is amazing how quickly a throw quilt can be finished.

  73. Great project! My favorite scrap project is Christmas stockings I made with parts of my children’s pajamas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. I like using leaders and enders projects as I work on a quilt project. I get 2 quilts completed at the same time. It’s a great way to use up scraps.

  75. I love your pillow!… And the black accent with hot pink piping is a *perfect* choice!!
    My favorite scrap project is a baby quilt with low volume prints (mostly with black, but some colors, on white) with little scraps of saturated color prints! (Your pillow reminds me a lot of that quilt!)
    Pat T.

  76. I do love the purple in this quilt!!! My favorite scrappy project is to make bibs for babies and toddlers. It’s fun to just pull scraps from my bin and sew them together, then trace my bib pattern from it. Every one of them is adorable!

  77. Love the pillow! And the feline model. ? My favorite scrap project is from my childhood. I would take scraps of fabric and make little dresses for my troll dolls. I was quite proud of myself.

  78. Your pillow is very pretty! I like to make sampler quilts out of my scraps — well, that and small pouches!

  79. My favorite scrappy project right now is Bonnie Hunter’s Wonky Wishes quilt. I am using scrappy reds, neutrals, oranges, and golds. It is so relaxing to work on! Amanda Jeans book looks wonderful. The quilt you showcased would be such fun to make! I think I would try it in greens, blues, and neutrals.

  80. How could u not enjoy sewing with scraps ??? So many wonderful fabrics all from times past
    Pincushions – small quilts – large quilts & so many many other uses for them. Just sitting and looking through
    Them is a peaceful time.

  81. I made a scrappy pillow cover, also. I used 21/2 by 11/2 strips of all shades of green prints. I sewed them into strips. I sewed the strips together, quilted it with close straight lines, and added a lap over back. Idea from a quilt in No Scraps left behind.

  82. I love scrappy and I love wonky, so have been making random slab blocks and strip blocks and eventually will get enough of each to make quilts. Too many projects, so little time, unless I can manage to live–and sew!–another 40 or 50 years….

  83. Your low volume Slopes looks great! My favorite scrap projects are probably wonky stars and string blocks.

  84. I have used scraps in mug rugs for my friends, family and co-workers. Quick projects are satisfying as I simmer about how to finish up a larger project, commonly known as a UFO. Scraps are my therapy?

  85. I used many of my scraps for a king size scrappy log cabin, which has been on our bed for a few years now – and I still love it

  86. My favorite scrap quilt is the twin size Row Along Quilt I made in a sew along hosted by Lori Holt in 2012. It is made of a “zillion” scrap pieces, and it is the most colorful quilt I have!

  87. I have done chenille/slashing projects and ticker tape doll quilts for granddaughter and for quilt guild boutique.

  88. My favorite scrap Quilt is always the one being made. I like your scrap organization. Mine is not in proper order…that’s stating it politely. Did a cyclone hit my scrap stash?

  89. This book looks like the ultimate fun with scraps book. My favorite use of scraps has been in quilts. Lately I have been making smaller projects. I a working on a pouch for my daughters diaper bag. Its for her to put the babies meds, etc in. I used the scraps left over from her diaper bag. I am putting on a red zipper so she can find it easily. I am going to make a second pouch and put a yellow zip on it. Can never have to many pouches…..this is turning into an addiction.

    Aileen in Florida

  90. Hi, I love making scrappy strip quilts, I’ve made several for charity,
    thanks for the chance,

  91. I love scrap projects! All the colors just make me smile. I can’t pick just one favorite. I usually create my own pattern on the fly. I’d love to get this book to get more inspiration!

  92. I have one of Amanda Jean’s Vortex quilts in process. I love using up all of the small scraps that seem to multiply.

  93. Love your pillow. Makes me want to make one right now. I am almost finished quilting a string quilt for one of my grandsons. As a New Zealand quilter I would love to win a copy of the digital version of this book.

  94. I take all the scraps left over from a project and sew them together into slabs. When I have enough slabs, I trim them to fit together to make a quilt top. Amanda Jean’s “Vortex” quilt was eye opening for me. Until I saw it and read the story I had always thought tops were supposed to be made of a carefully selected group of fabrics. I love your pillow, the black accent stripe and pink binding are wonderful. Thank you and Amanda Jean for the chance to win.

  95. I love scraps! My favorite scrap project to date is the cover I made for my sewing cart, which holds my most-often used supplies. I simply pulled strips of “happy colors” (yellow, pink, orange) and started measuring and sewing. Two hours later, I was done! Now for my dozen-ish WIP…..

  96. Slopes is my favorite pattern in Amanda Jean’s book. Yes, I have the book, but as a digital copy. Would love to win the print version. I’m actually making Slopes too, in rainbow colors of scrap prints. I was concerned that prints wouldn’t look as good as the solids, but you and I are both proving my concern wrong!

  97. I made 108 girl and boy dolls for Nicaraguan orphanages for Christmas one year. When my beautiful Nicaraguan granddaughter was adopted, I used scraps from the dolls to create a quilt for her. I am fairly new to quilting, so the quilt is very simple, but designed by me.

  98. I use my scraps to make string blocks for potholder/casserole trivet sets. I always have a few sets on hand to give as a hostess gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift, you get the idea. It just kills me to throw away fabric. After all, I’m the daughter of a depression-era mother who once made salad dressing from leftover salad. Love your pillow and your pretty kitty.

  99. I have only made small scrap projects so far. A table runner and some pin cushions. I have only been quilting a little over a year. I will need to make a larger scrap project soon

  100. My favorite scrap project is the quilt that I started piecing as a young girl, then finished as an adult. It is in daily use on my bed. Looking at all the different fabrics brings back memories of my childhood!

  101. what a nice site! i have been a scrap quilter since before i knew i was one. i was constantly “throwing in” a small leftover fabric to my quilts. the more the merrier! this quilt is definitely the kind that calls out to me! i need to make it! Amanda Jean, you are a scrap fabric genius!!!! nancyb

  102. I have a UFO that is a ‘calendar quilt’ blocks represent each month of a year. strips are varied in width and length. I have not finished this yet, but it’s in my head. LOL Your book looks very interesting.

  103. I love your pillow! I am a scrappy girl all the way– hard to pick a project that is a fave. Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  104. My favorite scrap project is pin cushions. I love making them and can’t ever seem to have too many. Plus I love giving them away. Thanks for all the inspirations.

  105. I like making string blocks often using old phone book pages as a foundation. They remove easily and are free! I love and usually use bright colors, so it is great to see the “slopes” pattern in low volume.

  106. My favorite scrap project was called “Log Cabin with an Attitude”. From Sharon Rotz’s book with the same name.

  107. I make a lot of drawstring bags and am most happy with one that I made using strips from a jelly roll. The fabrics are joined to create vertical stripes in bright colors and it always makes me happy to use it!

  108. Wow! I love Amanda Jean’s quilt in rich solids, and I love yours too! This is definitely a must-do pattern for diminishing my scraps. I don’t have mine sorted yet, since I’ve only been quilting a couple of years, and I make a lot of mini-quilts from scraps to give as gifts. However that one box of scraps is starting to overflow and is calling for sorting and creativity to be applied.

  109. I love the quilt from the book but I really like the way your pillow turned out in fabrics that I would never have chosen for this project. I think I need scrap help!

  110. I used one of Amanda’s patterns (Ticker Tape) and made a scrap quilt. Instead of using all squares, I used a lot of triangles and other shapes and applied them to a quilt sandwich with a plain white top. People love this quilt and I love the pops of color on the white background.

  111. I loved a pattern that used 2.5″ strips but decided to use my scraps from my brown fabric basket. The person I was making it for had brown in their living room and wanted a nice large lap quilt. That quilt turned out so pretty, I really didn’t expect brown to work so well. I wish I had my scraps all cut up, but I don’t and probably won’t. I have two huge black trash bags that I bought at a yard sale for $1 each from a weary husband of a sewer. The fabric is top notch and I have dug in it many times and started cutting with my GO cutter. Now to do much more. I really like your quilt and I think your scrap saving is pretty neat, it’s not messy at all.

  112. I have sorted and unsorted scraps!!! I try to cut usable squares from them but I’m always behind. I make small blankets, bowl holders, pin cushions from the squares. Sometimes planned scrappy, sometimes just sewn together to make the fabric. Fun! I’d LOVE to win CMQ’s book. Beth

  113. I have two ongoing scrap projects, a Scrap Vortex ala Amanda Jean and a split nine patch which was a Bonnie Hunter leader and ender project a few years ago.

  114. I love the subtle way the low volume scraps complement one another. A pillow is the perfect project for trying out new color combinations.

  115. I love making scrap quilts. I think the string quilts are my favorites. Amanda Jean has taken them to another level with that little detail strip across the top. I love the black strips on your pillow.

  116. I love making scrappy quilts. I just finished a cat’s cradle lap quilt that hit my scrap bin hard! Also just finished a BOM that used up some of my Batik scraps.

  117. I like small projects as I often find that when I try to use up scraps/small bits of fabric left over from other projects I suddenly discover that I dont’have enough of similar fabric colours and end up having to buy small pieces of fabric to pull the whole project together. I guess this increases my scrap stash for future scrap projects but it means I have more scraps to use.
    I would love to win Amana Jean’s book as maybe this will solve my dilemma!

  118. I don’t make a lot of scrap projects. I have made coasters from left over charm pack squares. Does that count? 🙂
    Love this blog tour. I am visiting places I haven’t been before! I will be back. pam

  119. I think that my favorite scrappy project is/will be Slopes. I am in love with that quilt. I am hoping to make this in the very near future so I’m on the search for this book. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  120. Like many other quilters, I save the tiniest of scraps. My favorite scrap project is my queen sized postage stamp quilt. I pieced it using 1 1/2″ squares ~ no strip piecing ~ because I wanted more randomness. It has 5,553 1 inch finished squares in it!

  121. My favorite scrappy project is my oversized postage stamp quilt. I cut 3.5″ strips from leftover FQ pieces and sewed them into groups of 4, then I subcut them and threw them in a big tub. I randomly pulled to make big 16 patches, then put those together to make the top. That quilt still hangs over my couch today 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. I love scrap quilts and have just begun “busting my stash” for a postage stamp quilt. The hot pink edging on your pillow is an inspired choice. Love it!

  123. I made a QAYG log cabin using the scraps left over from the quilts I’d made in the past. This is now my favorite quilt, as each block is filled with sweet memories.

  124. I like making string quilt squares and then cutting them into half square triangle with a solid for the other triangle.

  125. I love making zipper bags out of tiny scraps. It feels less tedious than a pillow or a quilt and it’s easier to commit!

  126. I made a table topper with scraps from a Christmas tree skirt. I love decorating during the holidays with quilts I’ve made.

  127. My favorite scrap project is actually my smallest one. It’s a rice bag I heat up to warm my cold hands. I used scraps from a quilt I made for my son and appliqued leaves over a background of trees. I makes me think of my son every time I use it.

  128. I love making pincushion and hexies out of scraps and Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts. I would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks.

  129. Many years ago, when I first started quilting, before I had much of a stash or scraps, I started a string type quilt on muslin. I finally finished it, using fabric from my now substantial scrap stash. I quilted it without batting and use it as a picnic quilt. I love it.

  130. I have been currently working on a rainbow scrap quilt-no thought or organization–just piece how it falls without having Y seams!

  131. I recently made a granny square mini quilt with scraps. Unfortunately, it didn’t make a dent in the scrap pile! I’d love to have Amanda Jean’s new book to help me through the scraps and make them beautiful, useful things!

  132. My favorite scrap project has to be fabric postcards. These use quite small scraps in may different colors. I am a saver so I have only a small quantity of scraps. Since I have only made 2 quilts to date, I don’t have enough scraps to have a system…..yet. I am feeling that I need to start a management system so using them to can be easier.

  133. i haven’t been quilting long, so my stash of scraps is pretty small. the only scrappy project i’ve done was a wonky log cabin. it was fun adding in little bits of this and that, and i love how it turned out

  134. I made a quilt with butterflies that used many colors and scraps. That was fun to make. ndfromsd at g mail dot com

  135. Love your pillow with the black accent. I love scrappy projects. I have made Amanda Jean’s birch quilt for my sister and so little scraps I just sew them to adding machine tape and save them for the next project like that. I even made Amanda’s scrap purse using this method.

  136. I like using scraps to make log cabin blocks. I’ve even made small paper pieced log cabins and made them into a pin to wear.

  137. Scraps are great for mug rugs and pin cushions, but this pillow and the Slopes quilt have inspired me to consider bigger projects.

  138. I love your organization set up. I feel inspired to do something similar. I love making scrappy quilts. They are the most fun. I also help my 80 year old mom make doll quilts for little girls in Peru. She finds orphan dolls at thrift stores, makes them runway worthy outfits and then a matching blanket. She is my inspiration and made me love sewing and now quilting.

  139. I’m working on a scrap quilt right now, so its my favorite-a variation of one of my favorite blocks! Thank you, Susan

  140. Most of my quilts are scrap quilts! I have been quilting for many years and am now at the point where I need to use my stash. Thanks for a great post and a chance to win Amanda Jean’s new book1

  141. I could give everyone who comments a bag of scraps!! I am overloaded but I have a hard time parting with any of them as they bring back such happy memories. About 7 years ago I met a woman at our local guild. It was also a time when mug rugs were the best new project on the internet. My new friend, MB, and a few of our table mates at guild, started making mug rugs with our string scraps. We even exchanged “coins” with each other and have a lovely lap quilt with each other’s scraps. Sadly, MB and one of the other mates passed away but the mug rug she made for me and the quilt I made with their coins are lasting memories of these wonderful women. I will always cherish my scraps. But, give some away to share your memories with your mates!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous book.

  142. I love scraps. Mostly I stitch them on a foundation with a 1″ common strip centered diagonally on the foundation. It makes for wonderful layout possibilities and really unites the scraps.

  143. I love scraps! I use them in string blocks and scrappy star blocks. I started making a tiny house out of the scraps of each quilt I made. Someday they will make a beautiful quilt too.

  144. I recently finished a quilt top (it was a BOM) using Jen Kingwell’s Gypsy Wife Quilt. It is very scrappy and I fell in love with scrappy. I will save scraps and use them in pillows, quilts, purses, wall hangings – whatever. Love scrappy.

  145. So far my favorite scrappy project was a call out for quilt blocks for a Wounded Warriors quilt. She provided an example with a white stripe in the center and alternate red and white for the remainder of one half and a variety of blue strips for the other. I was able to finish up 10 before her deadline and shipped them off.
    I would love to win her new book to get some ideas for other scrappy projects.

  146. Oh my goodness I love ALL scrappy projects! I recently finished a quilt made from monochromatic wonky log cabins in all colors of the rainbow and I’m very excited about it. Used a lot of scraps, but I still have more!

  147. My favorite scrap project is a scrappy “log cabin” style quilt that I made after Sunday Morning Quilts. I’ve been using scraps ever since.

  148. Scraps? Oh Man. I’m awash in scraps….and need a management system! I am hoping to a do a ‘trip around the world’ quilt this summer and pray many of them will be used up there. Thank you!

  149. My favorite scrap projects are potholders. Just sew anything up into a square and you are ready to go. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  150. My favorite scrap project just now is La Passion, a hexie project with 17 000 hexies, 1/4″ size. You can find it on my blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. That’s a great looking pillow! My favorite scrap quilt is usually the one I’m making next! I haven’t been quilting long, but the scraps definitely build up…and there are so many great patterns, lucky me! Thank you for the chance to win!

  152. I love saving scraps. It pains me to throw away good fabric 🙂 I’ve made string quilts, and a string tote. Amanda Jean’s book looks awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

  153. A favorite quick scrap project is a purse size tissue cover. I have made and given away dozens. It is really fun to see them in my friends purses and cars. I made about 40 last year and passed them to staff at my school. it was a hit and my stash was a bit smaller!

  154. I love almost any scrsp quilt. They are so much fun. Thanks. Love your pilow, I always feel like I’ve arrived when my project has been cat approved.

  155. I like to create new pieces of fabric by sewing my scraps together. Then making changing pads for new grandmas. My friend and I work on them together for a greater variety of scraps.

  156. Thank you for hosting a give away! My favorite scrap quilts have to be my scrap stars using all the little triangles everyone in our quilt group usually wants to throw away. They now fill bags for me to use!! I have lots of stars to make.

  157. Just made an improv panel with some of my solid scraps, going to turn into a cushion. Quite pleased withe result !

  158. Love your string quilt! My scraps can be out of control at times, but they make the best mug rugs, pincushions and quilts, don’t they? Love them!!!

  159. I made a string friendship quilt for friends/neighbors who had moved across state. It was fun and pretty easy. Also great to read all the good wishes written on the neutral strips. I love scrappy projects.

  160. Right now my favorite scrap project is a quilt for my grandson’s graduation. I cut my blue scraps and neutral scraps into 2 1/2 inch squares and make 4 patch blocks.

  161. I havent really used scraps yet although I save them. I even save sewn units that are trimmed from blocks. I have three overflowing 1.5’x2.4’x1′ draws and an extra tote for larger pieces. Trying to use some of them in a Steam Punk quilt but its not making a dent. I would love to get the book so that I get ideas on how to use them and so my husband and son stop calling me a hoarder 8^)

  162. I love your pillow so much! The black and pink are such a good pop against the low volume prints. And no project is truly complete until a kitty takes a nap on it. 🙂

    I like to use as many fabrics as possible in my quilts, and then put whatever is left over on the back. So, most of my quilts look scrappy, but I have very few actual scraps in my stash. My only true scrap projects were my first couple of quilts. For my first quilt, I made scrappy stars with any fabric I could get my hands on. Most of it came from my hubby’s grandma and was barely enough to make a block. I even sewed some of the same fabric together to have enough for one of the stars!

  163. I am learning about scrap quilts. I love them but they scare me putting all those fabrics together. I love the look of Amanda’s quilts on her blog and think it is something I could handle. I have done a few scrap quilts and I like to make my blocks as leaders and enders, then when all the part are finished I put them together.

  164. Loved creating some scrappy pin cushions using selvage edges & bright fabrics for a special Xmas gift for a fellow quilter. Such fun. Love the pillow & can see something similar as a future “quilter gift” idea.

  165. All my quilts are scrappy! My most recent fav is a 6″ patchwork quilt. I used vintage and new fabric, mostly cottons but some poly from my MIL stash… lots of florals, lots of gingham. Very colorful. For the backing I string pieced a 20″ by length of quilt to have enough fabric for the back. I big stitched quilted it. Whoa! One of my favs. Hard to beat patchwork

  166. My favorite scrap project was a log cabin quilt I made for me with the scraps from my two children’s wedding quilts. Every piece is a memory. I called it Wedding Memories Linger.

  167. I made my own snopes mini quilt today. It was loads of fun and in greens and blues like the one in the book. I don’t think it will be the last one I make. I confess that this blog tour is inspiring me to use lots of scraps but I am cutting some yardage too…hope that’s allowed!

  168. I love scrappy quilts and make a lot of them for a charity group I belong to in Cumberland, WI called Piecemakers. My favorite one was a diamond string quilt that was given away to Project Santa three years ago. Love your pillow!

  169. I really like the Slopes quilt and this pillow. This is one I will definitely make! My favorite scrap project right now is Bonnie Hunter ‘s Wonky Wishes quilt. It is fun to piece….no measuring, just cut scraps with scissors!

  170. Right now, my favorite scrap project is a making blocks from 64 1.5 inch squares. Half of them are one solid, and the other half prints. Slow going, but fun.

  171. I love how your low volume approach to this pattern gave you such an interesting finish and a different feel from the pattern. I think of patterns as inspirations and it seems you do too.
    It reminded me of a favorite pillow I made with all low volume fabrics as a background and then the words “choose joy” in solid fabric appliquéd on top. That means get have been an idea from Amanda Jean too. This is my first time to your blog and I plan to follow going forward. You have a lot of great links.

  172. I will.share a different one on this post than Monday’s blog hop post. After many days of sewing and floors has lots of small.scraps I like to take a piece of water solvy the length of a scraf and layer scraps then add a strip of water solvy on top., Pin baste. Also add yarns sometimes. Then grid stitch. Soak in water till solvy disolved. Neat designer scraf. Nothing is thrown in trash can.

  173. Making block using 16 – 1-1/2 squares – randomly put together – then using common colored sashing – love that look!

  174. I make blocks for donation quilts with my scraps … usually foundation pieced improve patches on a RICKY TIMS STABLE STUFF SHEET … I just sew them on till the stable stuff sheet is full … pre sash it with black fabric then put them in a box. When there is enough our sewing group sews them into quilt tops … they end up looking like stain glass windows. Always look for new ideas for scrap fabrics for the sewing group. …. THANK YOU for the post and your podcast …. have not missed a one since I found you.

  175. Really interesting variation — cute cat too.
    Might need to try this one but my scraps are mostly prints – very few solids.

  176. I’m so stoked seeing all Amanda’s ideas for scrap busting! As a pretty new quilter I am working on my ” collection” of scraps slowly so I’ve been very interested in how everybody organizes them.

  177. My favorite scrap project is probably the current one on my design wall. I’m using about 80 different floral scraps ranging from Kaffe Fassett to traditional prints to make snowball blocks for a queen sized quilt.

  178. Hi Sandi! I love your podcast so much.

    My favorite way to use scraps is for English paper piecing and also for regular paper piecing.

  179. Scrappy quilts are my favorites! I have been quilting for nearly 40 years, so I have tons and tons of scraps!! When I start a new quilt, I have so much fun “going shopping” in my scraps before I head to my local quilt shop …I love the look you get when combining prints with low volume scraps…. My thinking is that the more fabrics you have in a quilt, the better!!

  180. My favorite scrap quilt was the one I made for my daughter as part of a surprise room makeover while she was on vacation. It was a spiderweb quilt and SO much fun to make! (the room turned out spectacularly!)

  181. Love your pillow! I like to make string quilts. It uses up the smaller scraps but because I do QAYG, I use up big squares also. However, I made a big string quilt in a barter with a friend and BARELY dented that box of scraps!

  182. I recently attended a workshop with Katie Pedersen on the Psychadelic Baby technique and I ended up with a lot of pieced scraps. I turned them into two preemie quilts that I’ll donate to a local hospital. They’re my favourite ‘scrap’ project so far!

  183. My favorite scrap project is a wall-hanging about 15 inches square. I think the pattern is called “Carpenter’s Star” and it was the first thing I did that was truly scrappy, in a controlled sense (I used blues, maroon/burgundies, and a little flag print for the neutral.

  184. So far, my favorite scrap project would be our guild’s Bingo cards. I cut up tons of 2 1/2″ squares and brought them to our meeting for the taking. After we had our Bingo night, the “cards” were collected and we will now make a few Quilts of Valor quilts.

  185. I’m a brand new quilter so I have very few scraps and would love to get a handle on them before they get out of hand – that’s why I’m following the No Scraps Left Behind blog series!

  186. I have never made a scrappy project before, so it is hard to pick a favorite. I may try to make some scrappy 9-patches because I think they are pretty versatile.

  187. My favorite use for scraps is to make mug rugs.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! rush88888 at gmail dot com

  188. Thanks for sharing. String pin cushions have been a favorite recently. I’m planning a string star project in my mind. 🙂

  189. What a great pillow! Thanks for a fresh view of Amanda Jean’s inspiring pattern!
    My favorite recent scrap project is a scrap vortex I made my brother for his birthday in February. I just kept sewing bits together and it came out 108 by 104. He doesn’t even have a king sized bed! But he loved it and I loved making it for him.

  190. Love your pillow! I use scraps for small projects. Pin cushions and journal covers. Love to trade these with others. Thanks for the chance to win!

  191. I like to make randomly placed scraps into 6″blocks that I make for church charity quilts. Using half inch seams, I sew 4 together to make 11″ squares. The finished quilt size is approximately 60″x80″.

  192. I LOVE your pillow! It has my brain working overtime on new ideas! My current scrap project is free-form piecing blocks from a bin of leftover strips and smaller pieces of batiks in the colors of sunrise and water–so fun and such soothing colors to work with. The resulting lap quilt will go to a cancer treatment center at a local hospital.

  193. Your pillow is terrific. I’ve been organizing my selvages and have thought about starting out with a pincushion and then maybe trying a pillow cover.

  194. I agree with the kitty – super awesome pillow 🙂 scrap stash management is one of those things that I’ll probably never master but I love the idea of using my favourite fabric snippets in a pillow that I can see and use !

  195. I save allllll my scraps…use them for small projects, like potholders, towel trimming, and scrap quilts of course…but starting to do string blocks…and havin grrrreat favorite scrap user right now. 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way for this super book too! 😀

  196. Currently I make only scrap quilts and placemats as I have such an assortment of scraps. I would love this book in order to have some new ideas. Your pillow was such a nice contrast to Amanda’s quilt. Both beautiful

  197. My favorite scrap project is an ongoing English paper pieced hexie quilt. Some hexies are half inch and others are one inch depending on the scrap size. This may take forever! Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. Hi love your cushion. My favourite scrappy project is to use my scraps for paper piecing. And making cushions. Which I need more of, I’m off to sort out my scraps.

  199. Love your pillow.

    My favorite scrap project actually was mostly using leftover blocks as a start for 12 table topper a friend asked me to make for a luncheon. It sure helped reduce that box of orphan blocks and the coordinating fabric colors.

  200. I have not made a scrap quilt on purpose, but I think the quilt I made that was intended to be the back of a quilt for one of my granddaughters would count as one. I used all of the scraps from the front to make the back, and when finished it looked more like the front of another quilt, so that is what it became. I used a lovely lilac trellis print for the back of both of them. I am looking forward to making the slopes quilt with my saved scraps.

  201. Hard to pick a favorite since scrap quilts are my favorites–A friend made a mini Grandmother’s Fan quilt in scraps that was beautiful.

  202. I was given a lot of delightful scraps when I started quilting a few years back and my Mama still loves to pass on scraps to me. I’ve been using some old fashioned florals to make wonky log cabin blocks. Some have black background and some have white or pale pink background. It makes me happy.

  203. I am drawn to postage stamp quilts. My latest finish is twin sized. Each block has 100 unique pieces in reproduction fabrics. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  204. I save 2 1/2″ squares which are sewn diagonally on a plain block tomake a scrappy vortex themed quilt.

  205. I love making pillows with my favorite scrap fabrics – and sometimes like to use scraps from related projects (dresses for my daughter or slipcovers in a room) to create a pillow of memories

  206. I’ve been having fun using Cheryl Arkison’s slab block pattern to make various quilts for charities. I look forward to learning new favorite scrap quilt methods.

  207. My favorite scrap project is the one I am currently working on using pink half square triangles. The other half is a navy solid. Very simple but lots of movement with all the different fabrics. The opposite half of each square is navy blue.

  208. Love scrap projects and love the thought of making the projects in this book. I’m working on several scrap quilts that are string pieced.

  209. I love your take on Amanda Jean’s pattern! All her patterns look fantastic and she is so organised. I love reading her blog, and now I’ve bookmarked yours as well 🙂 Hops are a great way to “meet” new people!

  210. I am in love with that Slopes quilt and i would love to make one. Other than that, my favorite scrap project is a simple postage stamp quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  211. Your pillow is fantastic! I just started making pincushions with my scraps & I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  212. I have made a scrap bin using Amanda Jean’s pattern from her Sunday Morning book. I love it and will plan to make more of them.

  213. I haven’t done a whole lot of scrap projects. But my favorite right now would have to be making hearts with my daughters. We came across a website , where you take quilted hearts and hide them around for others to find. We’ve made a few, we just have to go hide them.

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  215. I think your pillow is WONDERFUL! I enjoy “no think” scrap string projects.
    Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  216. I like to make anything with my scraps that I can gift to others! I’ve made mug rugs for the gals in the office. Love your cat, my Al is also black and white but his nose is solid black. He likes to “help” me when I’m sewing on the binding. Thanks for the give away! Either way, I look forward to getting the book.

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