Panties {Garment Sewing Challenge} {Jalie 2568 review}

Sewing my own underwear seemed like a silly way to spend my time when I could go to a store and buy a six pack for under $10.00. Yet when I think about that logic, I might never make anything! However, I ran out of the buying option, when I went to buy new underwear and my favorite brand/style were no longer being sold. What!?!

Inspired by my friend Jenelle Montilone who told me I could make my own underwear (and should!), I decided to try. Admittedly, I tried a few of the free tutorials but the results were abysmal. I was trying to upcycle t-shirts and use an existing pair of underwear as my template. Instead of being frustrated, I decided to look at other options. Enter Jalie Pattern #2568.

Here’s what I made!

Pair #1: High Waist Hipster

I started with version A, a high waist hipster without elastic openings. I opted for elastic openings and there are clear instructions on how to do that in the pattern. I had a remnant of the softest knit and wanted to see if that would work. I also used a lacy stretch elastic and picked a size BB based on my hip measurement. My serger was acting up and I wanted to make these quickly so I used my sewing machine exclusively with a zig zag stitch. (There are also instructions in the pattern about sewing machine stitches when you don’t have a serger.) I struggled with making sure the elastics stayed with the knit fabric. Woven fabrics have spoiled me! When I posted this pair on Instagram, there was a suggestion to sew the elastic in quarterly pieces. That was recommended for the legs but not the waistband. Lesson learned! So here are my first pair:

Pair #2: Low Waist Hipster

Why stop at just one pair of underwear!?! For the second pair, I decided to try elastic picot lace in a low waist version. Before I started, I invested time threading my serger so I used it for my side seams. Using the “quartered” method, the waist line and legs came out much smoother. After wearing this pair, the picot was more noticeable as I was wearing them. I’m not sure if that is the nature of the picot or my fabric wasn’t as stretchy as the first pair. I shall experiment more!

Pair #3: Brazilian Hipster

I couldn’t resist making the Brazilian hipster! Once I locally sourced wide enough lace, I was ready to go. With this version, there are no elastics so they sew together quickly. Next time, I will go up a size but they are so comfy and I’m glad I went with a hot pink lining. I will make sure the lace is the same width as the pattern piece.

Overall Notes:

When I posted these on Instagram, there were a few questions so let me answer them here.

  1. Can you feel the seams? Initially, I felt the seams on the lining when I put them on. When I read reviews on Pattern Review, other people mentioned that they felt the lining could be extended. I think that could be a choice but after “securing/rearranging” my panties, I couldn’t feel the lining seams. With the picot elastic on the low waist pair, I can feel the legs. I think that is because they were/are too tight. But I do feel like the stretch lace is softer in general.
  2. What stitches did I use? For the high waisted pair, I used my sewing machine with a zig zag stitch. For the second and third pairs, I used a serger for the side/center seams and the zig zag on my sewing machine for elastic application. I feel like these could all be made on a sewing machine but the serger would make it easier.

If you have more questions, let me know in the comments!

Now that I have fallen down the underwear making rabbit hole, I started looking for other online resources for lace/patterns/knit. So far, I’ve personally used:


Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics: As evidenced by my Store Owner Series post, I love Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics! (You can read about some of my great experiences with them while I was making my Morgan Jeans!) Why do they have to be so far from me!?! They have Jalie patterns, cotton knit and notions in stock. And when you receive your purchase, they wrap them like presents. If you buy from them online, they will give you a 15% discount using code CRAFTYPLANNER.

Tailor Made Shop: After interviewing Norma Loehr of Orange Lingerie about her bras, I ordered a bra kit from Tailor Made. In my notes, I wrote that I wasn’t sure if I had purchased the right underwire. Ying very patiently emailed me back, asked a few questions and sent me the right size. She is expecting to have a sale in late May and posts great links on instagram. I LOVE good customer service and highly recommend her too. ***UPDATED: Her sale will be from May 26th – June 4th. Customers can enjoy 15% off their purchase with promo code “HAPPY2YRS”. Promo code will exclude gift cards and orange lingerie bra kits.**

Bra-makers Supply: If I lived in Canada, I would shop at this store! Luckily, they have an informative website with online shopping abilities. I haven’t ordered from them but I’ve heard they have great service too. Plus the store is owned by the bra guru, Beverly Johnson who teaches bra making classes on Craftsy.

Arte Crafts Bra Making Supplies: I haven’t purchased from them yet but have been following their instagram feed. They have beautiful lace options and I can’t wait to try them out.

*I’ve not been paid by any of these shops to write/endorse anything. I’m fairly certain Beverly and Natasha don’t even know who I am. But I wanted to give you my personal experiences and look forward to hearing any recommendations/resources you might have.*

I hope you try out making underwear! They are really fun and a good challenge.


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  1. Cute! I have played around with making undies using various patterns and fabrics, but I feel like I haven’t landed on my ideal combination yet.

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  2. Your panties makes look so comfy. I hope you will continue to sew more panties–it gets pretty addicting once you get going. 🙂

    Also, thanks for listing me as a resource. I will be adding this post to my Lingerie Sewing – Weekend Roundup today.

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  3. I know (from your podcast) that you are relatively new to garment sewing and am very impressed at the variety of projects you have tackled and how well your first underwear have come out. Congratulations, on another hurdle overcome. You may have sold me on the Jalie 2568 as my next underwear pattern purchase.

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  5. Hi Sandi

    I wanted to make the brazilian underwear lace, for 2 reasons. I love lace underwear, and I am brazilian. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ideal stretchy lace for this project, and gave up. Are u happy with the lace underwear material?
    I too started to make my own undies for the same reasons you did.
    This my first time visiting your blog
    Thanks for sharing
    Josie from Socal

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      I really love my pair! I used to pay quite a bit for one pair of the stretchy lace ones and will never do it again. They are so quick to make that you could easily make five pair in less than two hours. Definitely worth it! Let me know if you make them. 🙂


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