Rachel Clark {Podcast Episode # 118}

When the passion to make quilts meets the desire to turn those quilts into clothes, the emerging marriage becomes wearable art. Several wearable artists took the marriage one step further and turned their art into an extension of their life story. One such artist is the talented Rachel Clark. Growing up in a family full of sewists and armed with skills from home economics classes, Rachel started creating wearable art in 1973 and teaching on the national circuit in 1990. Known for her intuitive sense of color, Rachel mixes fabric types along with the story behind each piece. Her work has been in one woman shows along with magazines and in the Fairfield/Bernina Fashion Show. She also has a pattern line.

During our conversation, we talk about her journey as a child from Louisiana to her home today in Watsonville, California as well as how she designs her wearable art pieces, getting over the loss of her work and her “organized chaos” working style.

We also discuss several of her works including:

Rachel’s Watermelon Jacket


Rachel’s Obama Jacket

Notes from the Show:

Yvonne Porcella



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  1. I was born and raised in Watsonville and never knew about Rachel Clark’s work. I’ve got to meet her someday. Thank you as usual for bringing this wealth of information to those of us who are new to quilting and other crafts. I always learn something new with each podcast

  2. I enjoyed listening to this podcast about Rachel Clark. I have taken a class from her and she is great teacher.

    1. Doris,

      Thank you for listening! I hope I get a chance to take a class from her. It would be a highlight in my creative journey.

    1. Jennifer,

      I agree! And I’m grateful to have the chance to hear more stories from different generations of sewists/makers.

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