Amy Butler {Podcast Episode #119}

Today’s podcast guest is Amy Butler. As an artist, fabric designer for Free Spirit Fabrics, teacher, pattern designer, author and wife, Amy is one of the leaders and community builders in the modern quilt industry. People who might not have connected with traditional quilting, saw her fabric and realized there were other options. After meeting Amy, others found themselves engulfed in her compassion and interest in people. Regardless of how Amy might connect with someone, that bonding connection has contributed to a generation of adoring fans and supporters. There is a deeper passion and thoughtfulness to Amy’s personal and professional work. As an artist, quilt and fabric designer, teacher, author, and wife, I consider her to be one of the leaders and community builders in the modern quilt movement. During our conversation, we delve into her work style, what motivates her work, how she met her husband and best friend, her decision to start Blossom Magazine and more.

Notes from the Show:

David Butler of Parson Gray

Nancy Soriano

International Quilt Market

Martha Stewart

Handel Group

Heather Givans of Crimson Tate

Blossom Magazine


This episode is sponsored by The Confident Stitch, a new fabric store specializing in garment fabrics, modern quilting cottons, and great customer service. At The Confident Stitch, you’ll also find patterns, notions, and everything else you need to feel empowered expressing yourself through fabric. You can find their website at or @theconfidentstitch on Instagram. I love seeing what they have made in one of their classes and using their fabrics!

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  1. This was an awesome hour of listening. Amy Butlers fabric was the line that caught me and led me to quilting my first quilt which is still my favorite. I love her design, the inspiration she provides and the person she is. I was at Quiltcon this year and so disappointed that I missed out on her class. I appreciate that Amy provides access to Blossom online free of charge. I am in a time of my life struggling with a choice I made and her words just provided me with relief. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sandi and Amy, for this great podcast. Sandi, your questions are always on point, they follow organically from the conversation, and I genuinely feel that as I go along forming a question in my head, you always follow with exactly what I’d want to ask too. MAGIC.

    I felt a kind of affinity with Amy, her words resonated deeply with my values and goals in life, especially the part on life balance, emotional and professional generosity, and listening to your heart, which is the reason why, I quit my awful job a year ago and have since been working like crazy to start my own design business. My training was in Fine Arts, painting and drawing, but my focus now is on hand embroidered designs. So yes, Amy made a great point when she said that it’s ok to change, and that it’s important to validate yourself as an artist.

    More than anything thank you for asking: ‘What advice do you have for people who are trying to find their creative voice?’, as I walk my baby steps into taking my art seriously determined to make a living out of it, it is listening to people like Amy or Melody Miller talking about her conversation with Tula Pink, that make me braver by the minute. Odd, in a certain way, as I’m just a listener, a stranger from a far away land, but listening is a power skill to have when the speakers are wise and experienced people with a story to tell.

    Thank you Sandi for facilitating this experience that feels so new to me (I don’t usually leave comments on podcasts, or programs, or news articles….I often find that people are quite weird on them…). The intimacy that you create with your interviewees is tangible, which is probably why I felt drawn to sharing my thoughts too. I can’t say I have found many podcasts that give me that, perhaps Lena Dunham’s sometimes?

    Enough words,

    Clearly you newest biggest fan from London,


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