Style Arc Sacha Pattern {Garment Sewing Challenge}

This month’s garment sewing challenge has been in the works so long that the pattern is not for sale anymore! After seeing so many cute shirt dress patterns and Style Arc‘s classic designs, I opted to make the Sacha shirt dress for my first fit pattern. This pattern would be completely made with the assistance of my garment sewing teacher as it had a perfect combination of new to me techniques (button hole placket and functional wide cuffs) along with techniques where I wanted to advance my skills set (bicep adjustments and modifying armscyes.)

We started by taking a full set of my measurements and comparing them to the measurements of the pattern.  Taking ease and fabric type (a light weight brown chambray) into consideration, we made changes to the biceps, shoulders, necklines and arm holes. After the first muslin, we also make room for my stomach by redrawing the front piece along with additional armscye adjustments.

What you see here is the second muslin. I decided to remove the collar and opted for faced collar using treasured nani iro fabric. I was impressed with my first ever buttonhole placket and the cuffs that can be worn up or down. As in this picture, I plan to wear this shirt over leggings or blue jeans. It’s lightweight and just the right amount of coverage. I can easily wear it open or closed.

I’m also glad I made this pattern with my garment teacher. As much as I love the design, the directions were not comprehensive. (Maybe why it’s no longer for sale?) For example, there was a dart in the pattern but no instruction to sew the dart. Luckily, my limited garment sewing experience taught me to make the dart early on in the process. Overall, it was a long haul to make the garment fit me perfectly but I’m grateful for each new lesson the garment taught me.

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  1. Your shirt dress is amazing for your first run at it! Especially a StyleArc pattern 🙂 I LOVE their patterns – unique and fashion forward but their instructions are well WHERE are the instructions exactly :)) most of them seem be on the pattern pieces themselves. You’re daring! You might like to take a run at Cashmerette – I love their patterns for fit. They have pattern pieces that separate for the different cup sizes (I’m a G cup but cut an E/F and it works perfectly for me) Their Harrison Shirt pattern is wonderful and Jenny’s instructions in the booklet and online are unmatched in my opinion. I took her online course for the Harrison shirt as well and now use it for any shirts I’m working on.

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      I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with the instructions! I want to love love love their design but it makes it hard when I don’t know how to sew them together. 🙂

      And I love my Cashmerette makes so far. I’m currently working on making Concord my tried and true knit shirt pattern. I’d love to see what you make. Will you tag me? 🙂


  2. StyleArc is for experienced sewers though they do list a few patterns that they say are suitable for beginners. Their instructions are, and remain, sketchy but are better than Marfy which include no instructions, few grainlines, and only the minimum required to make a garment. As an experienced sewer, I find both StyleArc and Marfy fit together like puzzles and what I should do is obvious. My students are baffled; I try to help them accumulate knowledge so they understand how garments are put together and will eventually be able to use the instructionless patterns. I have asked StyleArc to mark their bust points and hip lines so as to have a reference but, I suppose, the expectation is that we will all make muslins all the time. Que sera.

    Happy to have found your blog.

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      I can’t remember how the Sacha was rated but can understand why they would assume a basic knowledge of construction if it’s an advanced pattern. It’s all a learning lesson, right? 🙂

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