On the Modern Sewciety Podcast…

Podcasting is an unique media platform and the quilting/sewing niche is relatively small. The Modern Sewciety podcast hosted by Stephanie Kendron was one of the first podcasts I explored extensively. She has interviewed inspiring modern designers like Heather Ross, Amy and David Butler, Latifah Saafir, Tula Pink and Alison Glass as well as industry leaders like the Electric Quilt Company and Massdrop.

After meeting at Quilt Con in the podcasting booth, we decided to interview each other about the business side of being a podcaster. Stephanie released the discussion on Friday and I realized we veered into being multi-crafty, the importance of my morning practice, how I choose guests and guide their stories, the financial side of being a podcaster and my favorite podcasts.

During our discussion, I talk about:
Tara Faughnan
Karen McTavish (my podcast with her)
Quilty Box (my interview with Patrick)
Carolina Moore 
Ashley Nell Tipton (my podcast with her)
Meighan O’Toole
imagine gnats

The honest, sincere and passionate discussion is thought provoking and reflective of the this very unique time in our industry. I hope you enjoy the episode.


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