Hello Kitty Quilt Top

One of my fondest childhood memories is of me walking into the Sanrio store to pick out a gift. Imagine an explosion of color and happiness in the form of Hello Kitty and Chococat. Hello Kitty was not as well known then and the most accessible place to buy any Hello Kitty was at the Sanrio store. Also, since I was normally going for a special occasion, I always felt very loved on these trips and treasured my Hello Kitty gifts.

When my daughter was born, I gladly passed along some of my Hello Kitty collection. When Amy of Sukie Don’t You Know Who I Am? posted her Hello Kitty Quiltalong, I was sold. I could make Miss  No No a gorgeous keepsake and celebrate my love for Hello Kitty.

Here are the cutting requirements for Hello Kitty:

Not surprising to most people who know me, I opted to make a purple border instead of blue. I also decided I wanted to make Hello Kitty’s body of white/off white pieces but the background of low volume fabrics. I wanted scrappy for all components and decided to cut all the pieces at one time. Amy shows how you can cut the fabric from 2 1/2″ strips of fabric, which would have been quicker, but I wanted to use up scraps and not have a ton of duplication. It took me … awhile … to get all the pieces cut.

I thought I did well at diversifying the colors but at the end, I did re-cut some of the colored pieces, especially the pink. That had everything to do with my retentive desire to have a scrappy quilt and nothing to do with Amy’s instructions.

After several blocks, I realized there was a better way to piece the blocks and keep track of the design. I’d watched a demonstration of the technique but had never tried it myself. It was the tip I shared for Back to School 2017.  You can see a quick glimpse of the technique here:

I wish I could say that piecing the top was exciting and I looked forward to every block but that would be a lie. I appreciated having the pieces cut so assembly was quick but I couldn’t find the meditative side of chain piecing the blocks together.  It was fun to see Hello Kitty come to life!

My daughter has seen the quilt top but I am not sure that she realizes it is for her Christmas gift! She is used to quilts being made for other people. I hope she cherishes this quilt as much as I cherish her and my childhood memories.

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      Thank you, Tina! It was really funny adding my precious fabrics to the quilt. I’m hoping that having them around me will be even better than hidden in my stash.

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