Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co and Fringe Association {Podcast Episode #126}

One of the most prolific and thoughtful voices in the Slow Fashion and Making movement is Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co and Fringe Association. As the originator of Slow Fashion October, Karen encourages conscientious wardrobe decisions based on long term use and durability. Evidenced by her store, blog and thoughtful knitting tools like the Field Bag, Karen is committed to impeccable design and thoughtful details. During our conversation, we talk about her career revolving around content, commerce and community, why she started Slow Fashion October and small changes people can make to create a more conscientious wardrobe.

Notes from the Show:

Fringe Supply Co

Fringe Association


Slow Fashion October (Instagram feed)

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Seam Allowance Group (Ravelry group)

Bristol Ivy

Acer Cardigan (Karen’s make)

20 x 30 Karen’s October Wardrobe Plan

Morgan Jeans pattern (my make)

Fancy Tiger Crafts (my podcast with Jaime Jennings, one of the owners)

Archer Button Down Shirt pattern by Grainline Studios (my podcast with Jen Beeman, the owner)

Slow Fashion Citizen Series by Katrina Rodabaugh (Interviews with Kristine Vejar and Sasha Duerr)

Meg of Sew Liberated’s post about washing machine accessibility

Unravel (video about clothing waste)


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  3. Karen I am a passionate fellow knitter and appreciate your enthusiasm for all things knitting; the fabulous yarns, textiles, color, origin and history of all of it! Knitting conjures up endless joy just in the possibilities. I enthusiastically wrote a small comment blurb about my love of knitting and sent it off to VICTORIA magazine for their Nov/Dec 2013 issue and it was selected! So I do relate to your knitting fervor.

    I am a bit outraged by Jaya Saxena’s piece and frankly this has to stop! I’m not at all sorry to say that she was way out of line. She doesn’t know you and, wow, what a Debbie Downer!! I wished you hadn’t apologized to this person-it only entitles her further into her self-indulgent pessimism that she force on others. You said nothing wrong. India is an amazing place as I’ve been told by my son who has visited at least twice, as well as other family members have done. The people my son encountered there were so gracious and lovely taking him into their homes! They seemed very proud of their heritage and we’re kind and generous. They surely would embrace your enthusiasm for what their homeland has to offer.
    What is that woman’s problem? It is certainly not yours.
    Yes it is always best to respond in kindness to the insults of others at least that is what decent people do. But I wonder when these very mis-guided malcontents feel free to insult, the better road might be to educate them in the faulty arguments and frankly the unkindness of THEIR views.

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