Ellen Luckett Baker {Love Patchwork & Quilting Designer Profile}

As a maker, I often fall in love with fabric designers for their use of color, patterns they design and/or how their fabric contributes to beautiful hand made objects. Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread was one of my first designer loves. I love her large scale designs and the fact she uses purple. (Yes, my love for purple means I tend to gravitate to purple fabrics!)

When I proposed my list of suggested Designer Profiles for Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, I included Ellen. I wanted to explore her design process, learn more about her journey, how her work has changed after the recent Presidential election and her thoughts about a “growth” versus “fixed” mindset. What started out as a normal question and answer dialogue evolved into how Ellen’s thoughts about craft, art, and advocacy have changed. I gained a better perspective about her work and how we, as makers, can make a difference. I hope you have the opportunity to learn more about Ellen.

Issue 53 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine is now available in the United States or online. You can also subscribe to the magazine here.


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