Pumpkins Mini Quilt

I can be an easily suggestible maker. I see something that looks fun and immediately start researching how I can make it, what materials I might use and sketching out the idea. This might be why I have more than a few things in my “works in progress” pile! When I saw the pumpkins quilt block tutorial from Leah Day in this month’s Quilty Box, I knew I wanted to try it. Even though it has been in the seventies and eighties here in San Diego, I wanted the pumpkins to signify that yes, we are in fact in Fall.

I started with Leah’s suggested quilt block design and expanded on her idea. A few years ago, I bought a collection of six inch orange squares and thought they would be the perfect addition to the mini quilt. I also used white solid scraps as improvisional sashing so the whites are not the same. The backing came from Quilty Box and was the perfect green addition to the quilt.

Lastly, I wanted a binding that highlighted the green from the back and the oranges. This Carolyn Friedlander fabric from Carkai is the perfect match! I’m tempted to make a mini quilt for every season but that might be another “squirrel” moment!

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