Tara Faughnan {Podcast Episode #129}

Today’s podcast guest is Tara Faughnan. I first “met” Tara after falling in love with her Double Wedding Ring quilt at Quilt Con 2015 in Pasadena.

Stunned by her use of color and perfect curved piecing, I took in the quilt for a long time. She took my breath away again with her Pine Burr quilt.

During our conversation, we talk about the development of these quilts and how she has experimented with color through her work as a textile designer. We also explore her creative journey including her arts based early education and work for Michael Miller Fabrics and Pottery Barn Kids. There is a passionate discussion about valuing textile art and why she doesn’t get attached to every quilt block she makes. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Notes from the Show:

Michael Miller Fabrics

Pottery Barn Kids

Quilt Complex from Julie Silber

Roderick Kiracofe (my podcast with him)

Bill Volckening (my podcast with him)

#doubleweddingring (double wedding rings on Instagram)

Alison Schmidt 

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  1. I just took a hand quilting class from Tara a few weeks ago and she was a dream. She is just a genuine person, wonderful teacher, and an amazing artist. Really enjoyed this interview and learning about her quilt patterns. I agree with you Sandi, we will buy them and share about them to take the pressure off of marketing yourself.

    Thanks for another amazing interview!

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