Kathryn Clark {Podcast Episode #131}

{photo credit: Leslie Sofia Lindell}

When I select podcast guests, I am usually curious about their work in some way. It could be a piece they have created, an aspect of their journey or they have experience on an subject matter I want to explore. With Kathryn Clark, I was fascinated with all of those things. As a fellow city planner who works in textiles, Kathryn’s ability to connect her voice to her work impresses me. I first learned of her Foreclosure Quilts series, a quilt series dedicated to showing the effects of predatory lending on communities, and continue to follow her work as she explores the refugee experience, the rise of Russia in today’s political landscape and now money laundering. I first interviewed Kathryn for Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine and knew I wanted a podcast follow up interview. During our conversation, we talk about how she tries to reach people through her work, craft as a fine art medium and how she moves through her creative process.

Notes from the Show:

Kathryn Clark

Peter Calthorpe

The Embedded Message show

Aaron McIntosh

Twyla Tharp (her book, The Creative Habit)

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  1. I recently saw Kathryn’s piece at the Renwick & was so moved by it. So excited when I saw that she was on this weeks episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it & look forward to seeing her new pieces!

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