Rebecca Ringquist {Podcast Episode # 132}

The daughter of a weaver and a cabinet maker, Rebecca Ringquist is a Portland, Oregon based textile artist who learned to embroider in a feminist art history class. With a liberal arts degree and a master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago, Rebecca has taught in fine art and craft environments along with over nine Creative Bug classes to date. She wrote Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops with Melanie Falick and owns Dropcloth Samplers.

My Drop Cloth Paisley Sampler

As a fan of color  and the maximalism aesthetic, she is an ambassador for Bernina sewing machines and often upcycles materials for her work. During our conversation, we talk about how her work began and has evolved since the birth of her son, her best tips for thrifting and why embroidery is her chosen medium. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Show Notes:

Rebecca Ringquist (her website, etsy store, and Instagram account)

The Subversive Stitch by Rozsika Parker

Squam Art Workshops

Charlotte Lyons of Home Wren Studios

Pam Garrison

Creative Bug

Courtney Cerruti

While She Naps podcast

The Birth Hour podcast

Here’s the Thing (Alec Baldwin podcast)

Katie Couric podcast

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