Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated {Podcast Episode #133}

While I scroll through my Instagram feed, I try to “like”/give a heart to most posts and then move on. When I reach certain feeds, I pause, settle in and read through their thoughtful posts. Their pictures are usually fantastic but it’s their words that draw me in. Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated is one of those feeds.

Admittedly, I have followed her work since the days of her Schoolhouse Tunic pattern release. Garment sewing was still scary for me then so while I didn’t try to make a tunic, I admired both the design and the fact it could be made with quilting cottons. I read (and cried!) about her son’s heart condition and curiously watched what she would do next. Over the last year or so, Meg has reached a new level of garment design and personal sharing. Her work inspires me and I couldn’t wait to talk with her about how her pattern business has evolved. I hoped we would touch on her connection to slow making, teaching children about self love and care and the life long sewing adventure. I was lucky we talked about all of that and more. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Notes from the Show:

Meg’s Website: Sew Liberated

Meg’s Emmaline Apron pattern

Amanda Blake Soule of Soule Mama

Meg’s Schoolhouse Tunic pattern

Style School with Stasia Savasuk

Sophie Swimsuit pattern by Closet Case Files

Meg’s blog post about making the Sophie Swimsuit

Suki Kimono Pattern by Helen’s Closet

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  1. I so enjoyed this episode! You and Meg touched on so many things that are important to me. Making with intention, loving my body as it is and the journey that formed it. Slow making and sustainability in the wardrobe as well as my lack of interest in trendy making. I am too practical for that. Thanks Sandy!

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      Thank you for your sweet note! Meg inspires me with every word she writes and garment she makes. I’m honored to have been able to share her story.

  2. You know a little bit about what your blog means to me, Sandi, but this chat was on another level. I was also a Montessori teacher pre-child, and I loved (and have never heard or thought about) the way Meg described Montessori as the tension between challenge and ability. I will carry that phrase with me today and tomorrow and in the weeks ahead. So many other gems to think about today, too. Thanks again for all you do to put these conversations out in the world for the rest of us to enjoy. xo

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      Thank you! I had no idea you were a Montessori teacher!!! I’ve re-listened to this podcast several times and keep finding nuggets of thoughts to explore. It feels like the right time to explore these important topics and figure out how they can play a role in our lives.


  3. Wonderful. Episode. Meg is definitely a mentor of mind (she doesn’t know this LOL)
    She mentions “style school” and that sounded really important. I’m trying to find more about the sewing as self care idea.
    Wondering who you guys referenced?
    THANK THANK THANKS for this.

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