Erin Burke Harris of House on Hill Road {Podcast Episode # 134}

Today’s podcast guest is Erin Burke Harris of House on Hill Road. Living in Louisville, Kentucky, Erin is a quilter, maker, author of Quilt Essential and Make Your Own Medallion as well as a wife and mother. During our discussion, we talk about living with a visual impairment, why she initially held back on the publication of her second book, Make Your Own Medallion, when she heard about another potentially similar book, how her gratitude practice has influenced her daily perspective, why she cut up her color card and more. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Erin’s Color Card:

Notes from the Show:

Erin’s Website: House on Hill Road

Soule Mama Blog

Susanne Woods of Lucky Spool Media

Emily Demsky of Shining Egg

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